Games subscriptions 2022: the best PC games services on the market right now

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If you regularly buy a lot of the best PC games, a game subscription service is an excellent option that not only puts hundreds, if not thousands, of titles in your hands, but can possibly save you money in the long run. Most subscription services offer some form of rotating, curated bundle of free games every month that you can download and play without the risk of blowing money on a dud. 

Some services even offer cross-device play and saving, or the ability to stream a game from your console to your PC so you can take full advantage of a game's visuals. Not all subscription services are created equal, though, and we've broken down the top 8 plans to help you choose the right one for your gaming needs. 

Microsoft Game Pass

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1. Microsoft Game Pass for PC

Best overall games subscription

Price: $4.99/first month, $9.99/month after | Features: Exclusive deals and discounts, Free games every month

Release day access to Xbox Game Studios exclusives
20% discount in Microsoft game store
10% discount on game add-ons
Price spike after first month

The Xbox Game Pass subscription service isn't just for Xbox One X users. With this service, you get instant access to over 100 triple-A and indie titles, with more being added every month. Each game has been optimized for playing on Windows 10-based PCs for enhanced visuals, sound, and gameplay. With an introductory price of $4.99 and then just $9.99 per month after, it's a fraction of the cost of a new game title on its own. 

Every month, Microsoft selects a few games that you can snag for free, allowing you to grab one you've been dying to play along with ones you may not have heard of, but would like to try. You also get instant access to Microsoft Game Studios titles on release day and up to a 20 percent discount in the game store. You can buy up to three years of the service at a time so you won't have to worry about your subscription lapsing. If you end up buying an Xbox One X, you can upgrade your GamePass to include Xbox Live Gold service and access to tons of great console titles.

Humble Choice

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2. Humble Choice (formerly Humble Monthly)

Games subscription with the best community

Price: Humble Bundle by donation. Humble Choice Premium $179.99/year | Features: Pay what you want, extensive library, rewards program

Support over 20,000 charities
DRM free games
Sales every day
Humble Choice annual fee is pricey

Since its inception in 2019, Humble Bundle has raised over $165 million for charity. Humble has two types of subscription service: their monthly curated bundles and monthly paid subscription that lets you choose up to 9 games to download. The curated bundles have themes like "Award Winning Games," and "Best of Capcom." If you choose one of them, you pay what you want and decide which of the over 20,000 charities you'd like to support as well. 

The Humble Choice subscription gives you access to the Humble Trove: the archive of games that have been in previous bundles. This allows you to snatch up games that you missed. The Humble Choice Premium service also gives you 20 percent off of purchases made in the Humble Store. No matter which service you use, you can snatch up hundreds of dollars worth of games on the cheap and give back to the community at the same time.

EA Origin Access

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3. EA Origin Access

Best for Star Wars fans

Price: Basic - $4.99/month, Premium - $14.99/month | Features: Discounts on Origin purchases, Early access to games

Affordable Basic plan
Large vault
Basic plan only gives 10 hour trial for early access games

If you're a die-hard Star Wars fan, the EA Origin Access subscription service is basically tailor-made for you. With two levels of membership, you get early access to upcoming releases from EA and a huge library of the developer's titles like Madden, FIFA, and Battlefield. There are also tons of indie games available to try out. With both the Basic and Premium memberships, you get discounts up to 10 percent off Origin purchases. 

But for the Star Wars crowd, there is no better service. You get the latest titles like Jedi Fallen Order and Battlefront II as well as classic favorites like Republic Commando, Knights of the Old Republic, and Rogue Squadron 3D. If you already have every Star Wars game, Origins Access also has the Wing Commander series that stars Mark Hamill in the third and fourth installments and would make a great addition to your collection.  

PS Now

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4. PS Now

Best games subscription for Sony users

Price: $9.99/month | Features: PS4/PS3/PS2 library access, Stream games to PC, Free monthly titles

Cross-Device Play/Save
Stream PlayStation exclusives to PC
Must purchase games when removed from rotation

If you've ever wanted to play Sony Exclusives on your PC, the PS Now subscription service is here to make that dream come true. Along with a rotating catalog of free games every month, you get access to over 800 PS4, PS3, and even PS2 titles to download and stream. With the PS Now app, you can play games like Bloodborne, Uncharted 4, and The Last of Us on your gaming rig. The PS Now service allows for cross-device play and saving, so you can start out decimating zombies on your PS4 and then continue the fun on your PC later. If you have little ones, the PS Now library has tons of kid- and family-friendly games like Little Big Planet 3, Lego Batman, and Rocket League so you know that everyone can join in on the fun.  


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5. UPlay+

Best games subscription for Early Access

Price: $14.99/Month | Features: Cloud saving, Vast library with 4,000+ hours of play time

Games remain in catalog/never removed
Early access and beta trials

For PC gamers who have to stay ahead of the crowd, the UPlay+ subscription service gives you automatic invitations to early access and beta build games. You'll get to try out the latest releases and future titles before anyone else for ultimate bragging rights. You also get access to Ubisoft's extensive library of current- and next-gen titles like the Assassin's Creed and Rainbow Six franchises as well as classic hits like Beyond Good and Evil, the Prince of Persia franchise, and Rayman. Unlike other services, games are never removed from the UPlay+ catalog, so you can access them whenever you like. If you buy a game, the cloud save capabilities ensure that your games carry over from the service should you cancel or suspend your membership.