Best single-player games on Game Pass

Doom Slayer leaping over a bunch of demonic hell-spawn
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There's plenty on offer when it comes to the best single-player games on Game Pass, and every entry on our list is an outstanding example of its genre and will provide you with a top-notch solo experience. From AAA RPGs to indie adventure games, plenty of fulfilling titles can be found on Xbox Game Pass if you prefer flying solo.

As fun as the best co-op games can be, sitting back and enjoying a game on your own, without such trivial distractions as “friends” or “other people”, can be a great way to open the doors to a more immersive gaming experience. Fortunately, the Xbox Game Pass boasts an extensive library with all kinds of games which is ideal for someone who doesn't know what they want to play. To make your browsing even easier we’ve combed the depths of Microsoft’s library to find only the best single-player games, hoping it might save you the hassle of having to sift through the extensive library yourself. 

The games on our list come in lots of different shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: enjoyable game mechanics set against the backdrop of a fascinating world that keeps you coming back for more. The worlds and stories on our list vary wildly. Some take you to fantastical worlds and place you in charge of entire armies, while others aim closer to home. Wherever you find yourself, though, each game on this list provides a unique and memorable experience.  

Best single-player games on Game Pass

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A demon with bat wings screams as it fires its arm-mounted miniguns

(Image credit: Bethesda)

9. Doom Eternal

Use big guns to shoot bigger demons

Released back in 2020, Doom Eternal offers a satisfyingly violent yet meticulously designed first-person shooter experience. Doom Eternal’s rapid, pulse-pounding gameplay marries balletic motion with over-the-top demon-slaying carnage. The title looks and feels incredible. Every gunshot and every guitar riff cohere wonderfully with the back and forth of Doom Eternal’s rhythmic gunplay.  

Beloved writer Terry Pratchett is purported to have said: “Over the centuries, mankind has tried many ways of combating the forces of evil... prayer, fasting, good works and so on. Up until Doom, no one seemed to have thought about the double-barrel shotgun.” The late, great author was onto something. Inside Doom Eternal’s overblown story of cosmic horror and demonic invasion is a chance to experience real, tangible catharsis. To this day, I am convinced that few things in gaming feel as good as blowing a Cacodemon to smithereens. 

Persephone lounges in a throne, wearing a gold circlet, and gold wristbands

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

8. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Story-driven adventure in the ancient world

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey takes you on an island-hopping adventure that spans the length and breadth of Ancient Greece. As a mercenary-turned-assassin, you’ll soon find yourself in command of your own ship on the tail of a vast conspiracy. Sneak, fight and shoot your way through countless quests to unravel the mysteries at the heart of the Order of Assassins. 

Odyssey is an open-world game done right, where side quests and supporting content uplift and complement the main story rather than detract from it. As you progress through the game, you can customize your character’s abilities and weapons; allowing you to tailor the experience to your own playstyle. There are also plenty of meaningful dialogue options, allowing you to influence the story and to really immerse yourself in the world and its ongoing stories. 

Forza Horizon 5 key art showing a red hyper-car racing down a dirt track in Mexico

(Image credit: Microsoft)

7. Forza Horizon 5

Pulse-pounding open-world racing

When it comes to great racing games, Forza Horizon 5 is the crème of the crop. As you’d expect from a racing title, you’re offered a wide range of cars to choose from and plenty of exciting locales to race them. What sets Forza Horizon 5 apart is its extremely varied and generous environments. Taking place in a fictionalized version of Mexico, the game has an immense open world map in which you can get thoroughly lost.  

The cars themselves look gorgeous and are thoroughly customizable to boot. Fancy paint jobs and full-scale body customization are on the table in Forza Horizon 5. You can lovingly alter and curate your vehicles to make them your own. There’s an absurd amount to do in the open world, and even some whimsical mini-games if you get bored of more conventional racing. If you love cars and going fast, Forza 5 Horizon is well worth a look.  

Tunic stands in a brightly lit forest clearing holding up a sword and shield

(Image credit: FInji)

6. Tunic

A little fox on big adventures

Tunic is a classic adventure game in the mold of old-school Zelda. You play as an adorable fox who navigates a charming isometric world. You’ll fight enemies, solve puzzles, and unearth ancient mysteries. In short: it’s got everything you’d expect from an adventure game. 

In a particularly delightful flourish, Tunic has you reconstruct the game’s manual as you progress through the world. Mystery and adventure are baked into every aspect of Tunic’s gameplay, design, and presentation. Beneath all that, however, lies a deceptively technical and engrossing combat system. Overall, it’s a great solo experience, a fine choice for anybody looking for a good old-fashioned adventure.  

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Keyart showing the main cast superimposed into a helmet. Meteors rain down upon a red and blue planet in the background

(Image credit: EA)

5. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

A must-play on the platform

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition contains the entire Mass Effect trilogy, but with graphical improvements and quality-of-life changes that give the classic series a new lease on life. In Mass Effect, you play as Commander Shepard, a spaceship captain in the 2180s. You’ll have access to a deep and rewarding RPG experience from the get-go. You’ll meet an intriguing ensemble of supporting characters, each with a story to tell. You’ll jet about the galaxy, fighting baddies and solving mysteries. You’ll also be forced to make tough choices, selecting from dialogue options that meaningfully impact the story. 

As with any great sci-fi, Mass Effect uses its setting to explore difficult themes and then uses those themes to set up a compelling and surprisingly dark central narrative. As you make difficult choices during the game’s core missions, you’ll be forced to confront the consequences of your actions down the line. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve played through the Mass Effect trilogy, but thanks to the game’s emphasis on player choice, each playthrough has always felt personal and bespoke.  

Henri Clement with his single bullet remaining in Amnesia: The Bunker

(Image credit: Frictional Games)

4. Amnesia: The Bunker

Frights as horrifying as the war it's set in

Frictional Games returns to its iconic horror franchise with the recently released Amnesia: The Bunker, which launched day one on Xbox Game Pass. This horrifying single-player title transports you to the claustrophobic trenches of World War 1, where something monstrous is eviscerating the soldiers inside.

It's not long before Amnesia's trademark sense of isolation sets in, and you're left to survive against its monstrosities all on your lonesome. It's perhaps one of the most frightening horror titles in recent years, and certainly a contender for one of the best horror games in recent memory.

Screenshot from Slay the Spire showing an assortment of cards

(Image credit: Mega Crit Games)

3. Slay the Spire

Roguelike card battling galore

In Slay the Spire, you select a character and attempt to ascend a tower full of monsters and threats in a sequence of dialogue choices and card-based combat. Each character starts with a different deck of cards. You use your cards in turn-based battles as you progress up the tower. Defeat enemies and find treasure to unlock new cards and passive abilities. Build the best deck and see if you can complete the climb. Perish, and you’ll have to start all over again.

Slay the Spire offers a more-ish roguelike experience. Every one of your decisions matters, and, in the likely event your character meets their end, you may find yourself going back and wondering what you could have done differently. Herein lies Slay the Spire’s trump card. Simply by starting another run, you can put your theories into practice. You can try a different approach and see where it lands you. This gives Slay the Spire’s gameplay loop an organic ebb and flow, keeping its fans returning for more.  

Hi-Fi Rush's main cast pose in the center of a bustling city center

(Image credit: Bethesda)

Hi-Fi Rush was a wonderful surprise when it launched, quickly becoming one of the best games to play on Game Pass. It's developed by the folks over at Tango Gameworks, the team behind the Evil Within and GhostWire: Tokyo series. Hi-Fi Rush is a massive departure from the horror stylings that the studio is known for, instead offering up a colourful rhythm game crossed with a classic platformer.

You'll play as Chai, who after a mishap at a factory, now must move to the beat. This includes everything from jumping and dodging to fighting and specials. You'll do extra damage for successfully triggering combos on the beat, with songs changing from stage to stage. There's licensed music too, with bands like Nine Inch Nails and The Prodigy lending their tracks to the game. 

While the main draw of Hi-Fi Rush is undoubtedly its music-matched gameplay, there's a great story to experience also. As Chai makes his way through levels, he'll recruit new friends, who can help him fight, and explore new areas. It all culminates in an epic set piece which we won't spoil here, but is definitely well worth checking out.

Madeline reaching up to get a flying strawberry item

(Image credit: Maddy Makes Games Inc.)

1. Celeste

Peak gaming

Celeste is easily one of the best single player games to come out in the last decade, with excellent puzzle platforming, and a surprisingly heartwarming story. You play as Madeline, as they attempt to reach the summit of a mountain. Along the way, they'll have to confront inner demons, help others, all the while learning new powers and abilities.

Fans of classic platformers will no doubt love Celeste's approach to traversal. You'll have a number of midair dashes to move from ledge to ledge, and other abilities that can send you soaring higher and higher. Celeste is admittedly quite difficult, but there are a number of accessibility options that can be used to tailor the experience to your tastes.

In terms of modern classics, Celeste is an absolute must-play, so be sure to check it out on Game Pass before it's gone!

Best single-player games on game pass: FAQs

Kassandra kicks an Athenian soldier as a huge battle rages in the background

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What is the most fun single-player game?

This is a tough one, since video game enjoyers come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes with all sorts of different preferences. However, when it comes to the games on this list, some have broader appeal than others and cross genre boundaries in interesting ways. 

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is a profoundly generous title, offering a staggering breadth of experiences. It has elements of RPGs, action games, exploration games, and even dating simulators. It’s a great demonstration of what modern gaming has to offer. I spent almost 100 hours in Odyssey’s rich take on ancient Greece and would strongly recommend the title to anyone looking for a great single-player experience. 

Do you permanently own games with Xbox Game Pass?

Unless you purchase a game through Xbox, you will lose access to all of your Game Pass games should you cancel your subscription. However, those with Game Pass enjoy a significant discount on most of Microsoft’s library and, therefore, can purchase titles more easily. 

90 days from a given game’s launch, Game Pass members receive a 20% discount on the title. Members also receive a 10% discount on add-ons and consumables. Though these discounts cannot be redeemed for cash and are not compatible with other offers, it is nice to be able to purchase a title that catches your fancy for a reduced rate.  

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