LG hints at 40-inch OLED launch

Just in time for the Olympics

OLED TVs are set to get bigger and better, with the announcement that LG is to make a 40-inch OLED panel for commercial use by 2012.

So far, the market for OLED TVs is smaller than Portsmouth FC's net profits, despite the panels being thinner than the club's chances of surviving the Premiership.

Sony was first with its 11-inch XEL-1 effort and then we had a long wait until LG announced it was offering up a 15-inch version.

May be expensive

Now LG has hinted that more OLED TVs are in the pipeline, with a 30-inch TV pencilled in for 2010 and it looks like the company will be bringing a 40-inch TV to market in 2012.

This is bigger than the 32-inch set the company mooted back in July, with LG's VP Won Kim explaining: "They may be expensive, but it will be possible to buy a 40-inch class OLED TV in 2012."

We think you safely change "may" to "will" but the idea that you could possibly watch Usain Bolt charge down the 100-metre track in OLED goodness sounds like an enticing one to us.

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