Cheap TVs: 25 best TV deals in the UK for Christmas 2014

Hey you, are you looking for a cheap TV?

Cheap TVs and the best TV deals in the UK

Christmas is coming up and there are some fantastic TV deals around at the moment.

4K TV's are just about coming into a price range that might be considered affordable for a TV with all the latest tech. This also means that any TV without 4K is seeing a drop in price as well.

Have a look at this Sony Bravia KD49x8505BBU from Currys , which is selling for £999. It is 4k and 3D ready, has 200Hz processing and some great smart TV capabilities. It is around £100 cheaper than most other retailers and it comes with 2 pairs of 3D glasses plus a 5 year warranty.

Whilst it would be great for everyone to own a 4K TV, they are still going to be stretching most people's TV budget thin. But don't let this put you off buying a new TV!

This Samsung UE48H6240 48-inch, 1080p, 3D, Smart TV is going for as little as £529 on Amazon.

Amazon also have a great deal on the Panasonic TX-32AS500B 32inch TV for only £259. It is HD ready and comes with built in Wi-Fi meaning you can install BBC iPlayer, Netflix and more all as smart TV apps.

If you are still unsure on what TV you would like after having a look through these deals then head over to our Buying Guide for TV's in 2014. It has all the information you need on all the latest tech inside the TV's plus mini reviews for what we think are the best TV's in almost every size you can think of.

Top 25 TV Deals

Cheap 32-inch TVs

Panasonic TX-32AS500B HD Smart TV |Now £259 | Amazon

Luxor 32inch HD Smart TV | Now £199 | Very

Toshiba 32D1333 HD TV with built in DVD Player | Now £229.99 | Amazon

Samsung UE32H5000 HD TV | Now £229.99 | Amazon

LG 32LB561V HD TV | Now £229 | Currys

Cheap 40-inch and 42-inch TVs

Panasonic Viera TX-40AS640B 40" Smart 3D TV | Now £399 | Currys

LG Series 5 BL580 42" HD Smart TV | Now £429 | Very

Sony KDL40R483 40" HD TV | Now £329 | Amazon

Panasonic TX-42AS600B 42" HD Smart TV | Now £449 | Very

Samsung UE40F6800 40" 3D Smart TV | Now £736.64 | Amazon

Cheap 46-inch, 47-inch, 48-inch & 49-inch TVs

Sony Bravia KD49x8505BBU 49" 3D Smart 4K TV | Now £999 | Currys

Samsung UE48H6240 48" 3D Smart TV | Now £529 | Amazon

LG 47LB650V 47" 3D Smart TV | Now £599 | Very

LG 46LB58-V 47" HD Smart TV | Now £489.50 | Amazon

Panasonic TX-48AX630B 48" 3D Smart 4K TV | Now £899 | Very

Cheap 50-inch & 55-inch TVs

Samsung UE55HU6900 55" 4K Smart TV | Now £949 | John Lewis

Sony Bravia KD55X8505BBU 3D Smart 4K TV | Now £1299 | Currys

Panasonic TX-50A400B 50" HD TV | Now £419 | Tesco

LG 55UB850V 55" 3D Smart 4K TV | Now £1299.99 | Very

LG 55UB820V 55" Smart 4K TV | Now £999 | Currys

Cheap 60-inch TVs

LG 60LB650V 60" 3D Smart TV | Now £1069 | Amazon

Luxor 65" HD Smart TV | Now £899.99 | Amazon

Samsung UE65HUZ200SXZG 65" 4K Smart TV | Now £1999.99 | Amazon

Sharp LC60LE651K 60" 3D Smart TV | Now £868.99 | Amazon

Sony KDL60W855BBU 60" 3D Smart TV | Now £1399.99 | Amazon