Google launching massive online bookstore

Google has outlined its plans to sell books online via its new 'Google Editions' service, with the internet search giant revealing the details of its plans at this month's Frankfurt Book Fair.

Google Editions is scheduled for a launch early next year, giving British and American readers the opportunity to buy e-books from a listing of around half a million titles.

The Google Editions bookstore will be compatible with a wide range of devices including e-books and mobile phones, with talk of partnerships with high street bookstores such as WH Smiths and Blackwells.

No Google eBook planned

Amanda Edmonds, Google's director of strategic partnerships, said: "As long as you can get onto the library, you can access it... All the books will live in the same library, so it doesn't matter where you buy it or where you read it."

Google will take 37 per cent of direct sales from Google Editions, or split 55 per cent of the price where Google Editions is powering third-party's online stores.

The company denied having any plans to develop its own electronic book or reading device.

Via The Guardian