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The best keyboards of 2021: top 10 keyboards compared

Keyboards on a wooden floor
Choose your Mac or PC keyboard carefully

Trust us; using one of the best keyboards will change your life. Or at least your computing experience. A cheap one might see you through your day just fine, but the comfort, speed, and reliability that an excellent keyboard offers is simply incomparable, and you will notice the improvement.

Whether you’re looking to play the best PC games, spend all day pounding away on those keys, or just use your PC for sending emails, the best keyboards will make a world of difference, especially when paired with the best mouse and the best monitor. These will deliver a top-notch performance and responsiveness, regardless of whether they’re wired or cable-free, and a level of comfort that is unsurpassed. 

Peripherals – or rather, excellent peripherals – are vital to any computer setup. So, whether you need a gaming keyboard, need something for work, or want a mini one for your small desk, we found the best keyboards for you below. Keep an eye out for price drops before you buy, as Black Friday and Cyber Monday are sure to bring out the best deals.

Best keyboard Black Friday deals

Best Black Friday keyboard deals in the US


SteelSeries Apex Pro Mechanical Gaming Wired Keyboard | $199 $163 at Amazon
Save $36 -
Get 18% off this SteelSeries mechanical gaming keyboard with adjustable actuation switches, OLED smart display, aluminum construction and a magnetic wrist rest for comfortable gameplay. 


Corsair K60 RGB Pro SE Mechanical gaming keyboard | $99 $69 at Amazon
Save $30 - If you're in the market for a new gaming keyboard, the K60 RGB Pro Mechanical gaming keyboard from Corsair offers a great balance between functionality and price thanks to this Corsair Black Friday offer from Amazon. 


Corsair K100 RGB Mechanical gaming keyboard | $229 $189 at Amazon
Save $40 -
Enjoy cutting edge performance from Corsair with the K100 RGB Pro Optical-Mechanical gaming keyboard, featuring 44-zone RGB, a durable aluminum frame, Axon Hyper-Processing technology for faster throughput, and Cherry MX Speed RGB Silver mechanical key switches – all for 17% off this Black Friday.


Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Low Profile Rapidfire gaming keyboard | $149 $89 at Best Buy
Save $60 -
Save on desk space with this low profile mechanical gaming keyboard from Corsair, featuring Cherry MX Low Profile Speed Switches and a lightweight aluminum frame and USB port passthrough. 


Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 SE Mechanical gaming keyboard | $179 $152 at Newegg
Save $27 -
Get this stunning Corsair mechanical gaming keyboard for 15% off right now with this Corsair Black Friday deal over at Newegg and enjoy Cherry MX Speed Silver mechanical switches, 8MB profile storage, and more.

Prove you're the best with label-less keycaps

Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate | $169 $143.65 at Amazon
Save $25.35 -
If you want the must intense typing experience around, the Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate is your keyboard. Completely blank keycaps over Cherry MX Brown or Cherry MX Blue switches make your ultimate touch typing experience an absolute joy.


Das Keyboard 4C TKL | $139 $118.15 at Amazon
Save $20.85 -
If desk space is at a premium but you still want a premium quality mechanical keyboard, then the Das Keyboard 4C TKL is exactly what you're looking for. In addition to Cherry MX Brown switches the 4C TKL also has USB passthrough for even greater convenience and efficiency.

$143.65 at Amazon

Das Keyboard Model S Professional | $169 $143.65 at Amazon
Save $25.35 -
Featuring Cherry MX Brown or Cherry MX Blue switches, both Windows and Mac keyboard layout options, laser-etched keycaps, and two USB passthrough ports, the Das Keyboard Model S Professional is 15% off right now for Black Friday. 


Das Keyboard X50Q Programmable | $199 $152.15 at Amazon
Save $46.85 -
 If you're looking for the ultimate work and gaming keyboard, the Das Keyboard X50Q is a great choice. With programmable RGB keys, pre-programmed applet support, Gamma Zulu mechanical switches, and more, you can't go wrong when you want to move seamlessly between work and play.

Best Black Friday keyboard deals in the UK

Razer Huntsman Elite Mechanical Gaming Keyboard |   £199.99

Razer Huntsman Elite Mechanical Gaming Keyboard |  £199.99 £126.00 at Amazon UK
Save £73.99 -
The Razer Huntsman Elite is one of the best gaming keyboards around, so picking one up for 37% off with this Amazon Black Friday deal is a steal. 


Razer BlackWidow V3 (Green Switches) | £139.99 £68.99 at Amazon UK
Save £71.00 -
Get more than half off this BlackWidow V3 mechanical gaming keyboard with green mechanical switches, doubleshot ABS keycaps for durability, and multi-function digital roller and media keys so everything you need is at your fingertips. 

Best keyboards 2021

Razer Huntsman v2 Analog

(Image credit: Razer)

1. Razer Huntsman v2 Analog

The best gaming keyboard right now

Interface: Wired
Keyboard backlighting: Yes
Switches: Analog mechanical
Reasons to buy
+Fully customizable key actuation+Delightfully tactile key clicks
Reasons to avoid
-Built-in twin-cable isn't the most flexible

Combining the latest optical technology and Razer’s analog mechanical key switches, the Razer Huntsman v2 Analog is good enough to get a five-star rating from us. That’s under-selling it. This gaming keyboard delivers the best typing and gaming experience of any keyboard we’ve tested in the last few months, with extremely satisfying tactile feedback and a wrist rest that’s designed to let you game for longer. As far as keyboards go, it is sitting on the expensive side of things, but it’s definitely worth it.

Read the full review: Razer Huntsman v2 Analog

Cherry Stream Desktop Keyboard

(Image credit: Cherry)

2. Cherry Stream Desktop Keyboard

More to love

Interface: USB wireless receiver
Keyboard backlighting: No
Switches: Cherry SX scissor
Reasons to buy
+Incredibly straightforward and easy setup+Excellent keys that are a pleasure to type on
Reasons to avoid
-Boring design reminiscent of 90s-era office peripherals

Not all great things come in attractive packages. Although the Cherry Stream Desktop keyboard is not exactly the best-looking or the most compact, it’s arguably one of the best keyboards of 2021. Not only is this Cherry SX scissor switch keyboard robust and affordable, it also delivers a great performance and offers even greater comfort, making it a pleasure to use even though it’s not exactly what you’d call an eye candy. The setup is breathtakingly easy as well, something many casual users will appreciate.

Read the full review: Cherry Stream Desktop Keyboard

Razer Pro Type

(Image credit: Razer)

3. Razer Pro Type

Hits more than it misses

Interface: Bluetooth, 2.4GHz wireless
Keyboard backlighting: Yes
Switches: Orange Mechanical switch
Reasons to buy
+Mechanical keys are surprisingly quiet+Connects to four wireless devices without re-pairing
Reasons to avoid
-Wireless connectivity isn't always reliable

With the Razer Pro Type, you’re getting the trifecta: beauty, sheer performance and comfort. So, while it isn’t the cheapest option out there, you’ll be glad to pay it for everything it offers, as well as that nice extra of not having to deal with more cables on your desk. The fact that this wireless keyboard is incredibly quiet for having mechanical keys, connects up to four wireless devices without re-pairing and offers USB-C charging are just nice cherries on top of an already terrific pie. 

Read the full review: Razer Pro Type

  • This product is only available in the US and UK. Australian readers: check out a fine alternative in the Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2.

Filco Ninja Majestouch-2

(Image credit: Filco)

4. Filco Ninja Majestouch-2

No more faded lettering

Interface: Wired
Keyboard backlighting: No
Switches: Cherry MX
Reasons to buy
+Front key prints have several benefits+Outstanding comfort for typists and coders
Reasons to avoid
-Non-backlit keys aren't for novices

The problem with non-backlit keyboards is that the key names are printed, so overtime, those fade away or even disappear altogether. Filco Ninja Majestouch-2 solves that common problem by simply moving the print from the top of each key to the side facing the user. This approach has another benefit – those prints are hidden from others looking at your keyboard from other angles, giving you that needed privacy when you’re typing things like your login information. Of course, this one’s also got Filco’s stamp of comfort, durability and reliability on it as well.

Logitech Craft

5. Logitech Craft

Finally, a keyboard for creatives

Interface: Wireless
Keyboard backlighting: Yes
Switches: Scissor switch mechanism
Reasons to buy
+Weighty, solid construction anchors the keyboard+Dial is unique and useful for seamless creative workflows
Reasons to avoid
-More expensive than what most people would pay for 

We’ve seen all kinds of keyboards over the years here at TechRadar, from stylish tenkeyless keyboards to RGB-laden gaming behemoths, but something has always been missing – a focus on creatives. Thankfully, with the Logitech Craft, this is no longer the case. Not only is this a sturdy, tactile and attractive keyboard but it also features a unique dial on its top left corner, which will help creatives expedite their workflow. This dial’s utility will vary depending on the application, from simply controlling the volume on the desktop, to changing levels in various tools in Photoshop. If you spend a lot of time creating content on your PC, the Logitech Craft is one of the best keyboards you can buy today.

Read the full review: Logitech Craft 


6. PFU Happy Hacking Professional 2 (HHKB2)

A coder's dream and typist's treasure

Interface: Wired
Keyboard backlighting: No
Switches: Topre electrostatic capacitive (45 grams)
Reasons to buy
+Portable form factor is excellent for small desks+Lightweight design makes it a great travel companion
Reasons to avoid
-Key layout demands a steep learning curve and is not for everybody

The PFU Happy Hacking Professional 2 has somewhat of a cult following in the keyboard scene, and it’s not hard to see why. This keyboard is aimed at coders, but it’s fantastic for all you writers out there, too. It forgoes traditional arrow keys, instead making use of function keys and key combinations to get that stuff done. It will take a minute to get used to, but once you get that out of the way the small size is a huge benefit, as you’ll be able to take it anywhere you go. Plus, that sweet ‘thock’ sound of the Topre switches is a wonder to behold.

  • This product is only available in the US and UK at the time of this writing. Australian readers: check out a fine alternative in the Das Keyboard Prime 13

Apple Magic Keyboard

(Image credit: Apple)

7. Apple Magic Keyboard

Best for your Mac

Interface: Wireless
Keyboard backlighting: Yes
Switches: Scissor
Reasons to buy
+Thin and compact for small or portable setups+Scissor switches are a pleasure to use
Reasons to avoid
-White color gets dirty easily

Apple’s Magic Keyboard is the most comfortable, reliable and good-looking keyboard we’ve ever had the pleasure of using, and it’s simply the best keyboard for Mac users. It’s actually incredible how sleek and thin this keyboard is, especially considering how comfortable it is to use, thanks to its great bounce and satisfying tactile feedback. It’s, of course, due in large part to that stable scissor mechanism, which Apple has adopted on its laptops as well. It’s so easy to use as well. Turn it on for the first time, and it’ll automatically pair with your Mac – it’s so decidedly Apple. Finally, there’s that battery, which lasts you a whole month before it needs charging, unlike other Bluetooth productivity keyboards that only last you a few days.

  • This product is only available in the US at the time of this writing. UK and Australian readers: check out a fine alternative in the HyperX Alloy Elite 


8. Unicomp Classic 104

The ultimate keyboard for typing nostalgia

Interface: Wired
Keyboard backlighting: N
Switches: Buckling spring
Reasons to buy
+Snappy buckling spring switch+Retro design reminiscent of peripherals from the 90s
Reasons to avoid
-Keys can quickly lead to finger fatigue

Remember those old IBM Model M keyboards? Well, that’s what the Unicomp Classic 104 seeks to emulate. Available in both USB and PS/2 versions, it uses a buckling spring switch that takes more effort to press than just about every other modern switch. You’re rewarded for this hard pressing with a tactile response that feels like the classic mechanical keyboards of old, along with a noise that will drive everyone around you mad. 

Best keyboard

9. Das Keyboard Prime 13

Mixing minimalistic style with premium quality

Interface: Wired
Keyboard backlighting: White
Switch type: Cherry MX Red or Brown switches
Reasons to buy
+Cherry MX switches are excellent to type on+Solid, minimalistic design is perfect for office setups
Reasons to avoid
-Absence of a volume rocker is noticeable

Some keyboards just ooze class, and the Das Keyboard Prime 13 is one of them. Its features a solid aluminum top panel for added rigidity and a very minimalistic look. With Cherry's MX Red or Brown switches under the keycaps, you're given a choice between linear and non-linear offerings with a range of actuation points.

It's a great option for media enthusiasts thanks to side lit media control and the inclusion of white backlighting is another bonus. It's not the most affordable keyboard on our list, but if you're looking for something a little bit more premium, Das is the way to go.

Logitech K780

10. Logitech K780

A great option for mobile device owners

Interface: Wired
Keyboard backlighting: No
Switch type: Tactile scissor
Reasons to buy
+Pairs to up to three devices+Cradle holds smartphones and tablets
Reasons to avoid
-Not rechargeable, AA batteries required

With its latest keyboard, Logitech is targeting smartphone and tablet owners who prefer to use their device while sat at a desk. And, if you were a fan of the predecessor, the K380, the Logitech K780 should be right up your alley, especially with its added number pad. This keyboard still has the ability to pair with three devices using Bluetooth or wireless, so you can swap between all your gadgets on the fly. And, thanks to its comfortable rounded keycaps, it’s still a pleasure to type on. The keyboard’s base is the star of the show, however, as it can hold mobile devices up to 11.3mm thick in an upright position. This places them within arms’ reach to make anything from replying to WhatsApp messages or reading a digital magazine easier than ever. 

 How to determine the best keyboard for you 


It goes without saying that if you demand the look and feel only mechanical switches can provide, rather than those that are slim and stealthy, we suggest perusing our best gaming keyboards round-up instead.

Gamers prioritize the actuation that clicky feeling mechanical keyboards bring, whereas traditional home and office users are more about practicality. That said, the sheer magnitude of sound produced by a lot of mechanical keyboards is offputting to some. For those folks, we have some membrane keyboards to recommend as well.

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