The best Samsung Galaxy S21 deals in May 2023

It's little surprise that most fans of Android smartphones are likely going to end up bagging a Samsung Galaxy S21 deal. You get all the most up-to-date specs but without the price tag of its two bigger brothers. So, there's a lot to love...but is it right for you?

Somehow Samsung S21 deals are cheaper than the handset's predecessor was on release. That's pretty remarkable in an age of spiraling tech prices and, although some of the specs are the same as on the S20, there's no shortage of upgrades on offer. 

For example, the Samsung Galaxy S21 makes use of the latest processing power in the form of the Exynos 2100 and includes 5G.

The camera is vastly improved, too, mostly thanks to that new processor offering an improvement in the camera's AI technology. There's a 12MP main, 12MP ultra-wide and 64MP telephoto snappers on the rear and a 10MP shooter on the front.

On more familiar ground, it features a 4000mAh battery, 6.2-inch display, and fairly similar camera specs being some of the obvious similarities specs-wise.

Until the Samsung Galaxy S22 arrives early in 2022, the S21 remains Samsung's flagship phone for now. And now it's been available for so long, there are some truly fantastic tariffs available.

Below we've compared the best Samsung Galaxy S21 deals, prices and contracts available in the UK right now.

Samsung Galaxy S21 deals comparison:

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Samsung Galaxy S21 deals: trade-in to save cash

As a brand new handset, it is no surprise that Samsung Galaxy S21 deals could rack you up a substantial bill. Luckily, you can always trade in an old phone to save money on your new handset. 

One of the most popular ones is Sellmymobile. It compares different recycling sites, listing their TrustPilot scores, how long it will take for you to get paid, how you send your phone and of course, how much you'll get.

In terms of what you can earn, taking the Samsung Galaxy S9 as an example, you can get up to £126 for a working device or £41 for a completely broken device. Or, if you have a Google Pixel 3, you could earn up to £118.

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Head to to see how much you can get for your old phone

Samsung Galaxy S21 review:

Pink Samsung Galaxy S21

(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung Galaxy S21 review in brief

The most affordable of Samsung's new S series


Screen size: 6.2-inch
Resolution: Full HD+
Rear camera: 12 + 12 + 64MP
Front Camera: 10MP
Weight: 172g
OS: Android 11
Storage: 128/256GB
External storage: Yes
Battery: 4000mAh

Reasons to buy

More affordable than the S20
New powerful chipset
More advanced 5G capability

Reasons to avoid

Battery is the same size as S20

This is the most wallet friendly of the three new handsets, priced lowest but still packing in the specs. The Samsung Galaxy S21 comes in at a SIM-free price of £769.

While the front of the 6.2-inch, 120Hz, 1080 x 2400 AMOLED handset is lower res than its predecessor you get that smooth refresh rate. The rear shows off the new style camera setup. On this model it's still a four camera unit with 12MP main, 12MP ultra-wide and 64MP telephoto snappers on the rear and a 10MP shooter on the front. New features here include "Zoom Lock" for tripod-like stability when at 30x zoom, plus Single Take which gets the best pics from a selection.

There's a zippy 8GB of RAM, down from 12GB on last year's, which can help that 5G connectivity offer you maximum speeds. Yup, you get the Exynos 2100 chipset to make up the difference on speed. And the backing of a 4,000mAh battery should keep all that running for a full day, at least, before needing a charge.

However, there is a few downgrades from last year to take into account. With a slightly cheaper feeling body and a lack of expandable storage, the lower cost isn't completely without sacrifice.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 deals: FAQ

Fingerprint scanner on Samsung Galaxy S21

(Image credit: Aakash Jhaveri)

Why choose the S21 over the S21 Plus or Ultra?

In terms of specs, the S21 is the weakest of Samsung's three new handsets and yet, it is likely going to be the one that appeals to the largest number of people.

It comes in at just £769, a price that beats out Apple's iPhone 12 and is substantially cheaper than last year's Samsung Galaxy S20. With that in mind, this is a truly affordable option from Samsung.

And with that low price, Samsung's S21 positions itself as the best value of the three handsets. Upgrade to the S21 Plus and you'll be getting a similar performance with a few minor improvements, go for the even more expensive Ultra and you'll be exceeding £1000.

With that in mind, the S21 is the obvious choice of the three if you don't want to spend loads of cash on your new handset.

Is the Samsung Galaxy S21 worth its price tag?

Interestingly, the Samsung Galaxy S21 came with a price tag far below the S20, making it one of the cheapest S series handsets we've seen for a little while. 

And despite that lower price tag, the Samsung Galaxy S21 offers some excellent specs. A brand new and super powerful processor - the Exynos 2100 - and an updated collection of camera features as well as a sleek new design make it a handset worth more than its price tag.

If you would rather spend a bit more for a better performance, the S21 Ultra passes the £1000+ mark but brings Samsung up to its most powerful device yet.

What comes in the box with the Samsung Galaxy S21?

When Apple launched the iPhone 12 series, it was ridiculed for emptying out the box, removing both the headphones and the charging block from your new phone's package.

However, after the ridicule died down, Samsung must have liked the idea because in your Samsung Galaxy S21 box, you won't get a charging block or any headphones.

You'll get a SIM card tool, a USB-C charger, some instructions and obviously, the phone itself. If you don't have headphones or a charging block, Samsung is now selling them at a discounted price.

How does the Samsung Galaxy S21 compare to the iPhone 12?

As two similarly priced handsets from the two biggest brands, the Samsung Galaxy S21 and iPhone 12 are likely to be compared to each other. Of the two, the Samsung Galaxy S21 is the newer and more affordable option.

Both have powerful processors, top-of-the-line camera set-ups and all-round pretty incredible performances. Arguably the iPhone 12 is going to be the slightly better option with a few specs taking the lead.

What it will really come down to is your preferred operating software - Android or iOS. Both phones are so similar in terms of both specs and price that it can be better to focus on which software appeals to you.

Is the Samsung Galaxy S21 better than the Google Pixel 6?

Samsung and Google are two of the most popular Android phone providers and therefore, will likely be the two brands you're trying to decide between.

If you've narrowed it down to the Samsung Galaxy S21 and the Google Pixel 6, there are a few key decisions to make. Firstly, around price.

The Google Pixel 6 is cheaper than the Galaxy S21, saving you a few hundred quid on your smartphone. However, the Samsung Galaxy S21 is frequently on sale and can often reach the same price as the Google Pixel 6.

In terms of specs, the Samsung Galaxy S21 is the more powerful option in terms of battery and processing power but, while it features more lenses than the Google Pixel 6, it does fall in short in photo ability.

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