The best EE phone deals in July 2024

As one of the biggest and most reliable mobile network providers in the UK, EE can offer phone deals and compelling packages that rival the best from Vodafone, Three and O2. And claiming the title of having the UK's fastest 4G network, getting a phone deal with EE could be quite a smart move. 

With all EE phone deals, customers get the ability to gift data to other EE customers, call via Wi-Fi and depending on what kind of plan you go for, get data-free access to a range of subscription services.

There's a caveat in that EE tents to ask for more money from its customers than other networks. But thanks to third-party retailers such as and Carphone Warehouse, you can get a good deal on phone plans with generous data allowances and more. 

Below you will find both a price comparison chart for the world's best smartphones and some individual options for EE phone deals on a range of handsets. However, you find yourself unsure if EE is the network you want to be on, head on over to our guide to mobile phone deals to compare all of the available networks in one go.

Compare EE phone deals

Is EE a good network?

EE phone deals

Coverage and speeds:

EE has been voted the UK's top network by RootMetrics for the past ten years in a row. That's a pretty impressive achievement, especially considering EE is often more costly, so what makes it so special?

Well, this mostly comes down to EE's speeds. Currently, EE is the UK's fastest network and as 5G rolls out further, it will likely become the fastest 5G network as well.

While all four major networks have almost 100% coverage on 3G and 4G in the UK, 5G coverage is the area they begin to differ on. EE and Three are currently the furthest ahead when it comes to 5G and will likely continue to be so as it develops.

Features and bonuses:

So it's a fast network with great coverage, but does EE offer any additional features with its tariffs and plans?

There are several benefits to EE, the most obvious being the use of Wi-Fi calling, setting data caps and a data boost of 20GB if you take out EE home broadband - a nice benefit if you're looking for broadband deals too.

The other major benefit of EE is its offer of free subscriptions. If you sign up to EE you can get a: 3-month free BT Sport subscription, six months of Apple Music, six months of BritBox and if you're on an iPhone, six months of Apple News+.


Unfortunately, all of the above benefits of EE also mean a higher-than-average price. You will frequently find that EE will cost you more than Vodafone, Three or O2 for a tariff.

However, that doesn't mean you can't get an affordable EE plan. If you do some shopping around, you can sometimes find some bargain EE phone deals and it can even sometimes be the most affordable network for a device at a certain time.

What are the best handsets to get on EE?


iPhone 15 deals

As the latest iteration of the iPhone, iPhone 15 deals on EE are some of the most popular currently available. Plus, you can partner your iPhone 15 with an EE 'Full Works' plan, which gives you all the best of Apple as part of your EE phone deal. 


Samsung Galaxy S24 deals

As Samsung's latest iteration of the iconic S Series, Samsung Galaxy S24 deals on EE are a great option for any Andriod lover or AI enthusiast looking to see what AI brings to the next generation of phones. 


iPhone SE (2022) deals

Whilst it's likely this phone will soon be on the way out, the iPhone SE (2022) provides the perfect solution for Apple lovers looking to hold onto the older style design involving the all-important home button. Being a slightly older device also means the iPhone SE is a great option for those looking for a cheap EE phone deal on an iPhone.


Google Pixel 8 deals

Google's latest flagship brings with it a whole host of new features AI lovers will struggle to ignore. Editing capabilities such as Magic Eraser, Photo Unblur, and Best Take all set the Google Pixel 8 apart from other Android flagships and make it a great choice for any camera enthusiast looking for an EE phone deal.


Samsung Galaxy A55 deals

Samsung's latest budget devices have yet again set the precedent for what we should expect from cheaper smartphones. Big batteries, beautiful displays, and effective cameras all make the Samsung Galaxy A55 a great choice for those looking for a cheap EE phone deal. 

Where is the best place to buy EE phone deals?

While it would make sense to head directly to the EE store, this won't always be the best way to go. Many 3rd party retailers are completely trustworthy while also offering much more affordable prices.

This obviously won't always be the case and sometimes going directly to EE can secure you a big bargain. The best option is to use the comparison chart above to compare prices from lots of retailers in one place.

The likes of, Affordable Mobiles, Fonehouse, Mobile Phones Direct and more are all good places to check for big discounts on EE phone deals.

We've also gathered up all the latest EE discount codes for more ways to save on your next phone or plan.

Switching to EE

Can I keep my number when I switch to EE?

You sure can, if you switch over to an EE phone deal and want to keep your old number, then simply call your old network, get a PAC code and transition it over. 

If you were previously on EE, you can still keep your number but it is slightly more complicated. They won't let you keep your number, so you have to use this workaround. Buy a free pay-as-you-go SIM from any other network and tell your network that you're moving. 

They'll release the PAC code, which you then give to the substitute network. Then, you immediately get another PAC code from them. Take that to your old network, and they'll move your number to your new contract. Long winded, but easier than learning a new number!

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