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Hyperoptic broadband: what is it and how good are its deals in June 2022?

hyperoptic broadband

Wish your fibre was both faster and cheaper? While you would think it's more one or the other, Hyperoptic seems to offer both super-fast speeds and great pricing. You've heard that it has really cheap deals and got wind of whispers that the speeds are faster than other internet providers. Is it worth a look, or just too good to be true?

Well you're in the right place to find out. Hyperoptic broadband (opens in new tab) has certainly caught our eye too, due to its great value pricing. So we've produced this guide to give you all the details you need when deciding whether you should jump on the Hyperoptic bandwagon.

Keep reading to see its prices (spoiler alert...they're ridiculously low) and to learn more about who Hyperoptic is, what it offers and whether it's available where you live.

What is Hyperoptic broadband?

It might sound like a generic term for super fast internet, but Hyperoptic is a brand in its own right.

But yes, it takes its name from the blistering speeds it offers. Hyperoptic doesn't mess around with standard copper ADSL - it has built its own network with fibre optic cables only. And that means faster speeds, all the way up to a completely ridiculous 1Gb!

Formed in 2011, Hyperoptic really started expanding in 2014 and hasn't stopped since. It scores really well at Trustpilot with former and existing customers and displays a number of awards and garlands for quality on its website.

How much do Hyperoptic broadband deals cost?

Somehow Hyperoptic is able to offer some really attractive introductory offers on its fibre broadband packages. You can get bills as cheap as less than £20 per month and Hyperoptic doesn't charge a thing upfront for connection, installation or delivery, either.

To easily compare Hyperoptics offerings, check out the below chart:


It's worth noting that after your initial term, the monthly bills will rise. But of course you can head to another provider at that point (using our best broadband deals guide) if you decide that the hike makes Hyperoptic too expensive.

What kind of internet speed can I get with Hyperoptic?

Hyperoptic's internet speeds range from the sublime to the ridiculous. Because it only deals in fibre so at a bare minimum, you're going to be getting some pretty fast speeds.

For a few extra quid a month on top of its base package, the speeds shoot up all the way to 150Mb average - that equates to downloads of almost 20MB per second. That's really rapid and puts it up with the big boys for internet speeds.

But then comes the big kahuna. Hyperoptic is really capturing attention of the tech industry by being able to supply a full 1Gb fibre broadband connection. That puts it pretty much out there on its own in terms of speed. Of course it doesn't come cheap (around £50 per month), but will mean you never have to worry again about videos buffering and interrupted web surfing. Only you will know whether you really need those speeds - maybe you're a keen gamer, perhaps you can't get enough of 4K film streaming, or it could be that you just demand super fast downloads (you'd be getting around 125MB per second!) - but it's nice to know the option's there if you need it.

Where is Hyperoptic broadband available?

If there's a down side to Hyperoptic, it's this. Unlike most broadband providers (particularly with standard speeds), Hyperoptic doesn't have UK-wide coverage.

That said, a quick look at the service's coverage map (opens in new tab) shows that it's already connecting some of the UK's biggest cities, with properties in London, Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham all served.

To find out whether Hyperoptic is available where you live, pop your postcode into our price comparison above and if Hyperoptic deals show then you're good to go.

Does Hyperoptic broadband include line rental?

It certainly does. With all of Hyperoptic's plans, you have access to a landline and there are no hidden line rental charges that will appear on your bill at the end of the month. That, to be fair, is the same as most internet providers these days.

What is different about Hyperoptic however is that the basic package also includes free evening and weekend UK landline calls. Usually, you have to pay extra for that with a lot of other broadband plans.

How long will my Hyperoptic broadband contract last?

Hyperoptic broadband contracts last for 12 months. After that time, you'll see a price rise or have to recommence your search for the best cheap broadband deals all over again.

However, the brand does also offer 1-month rolling plans for those in temporary situations.

To sign up to Hyperoptic now, head to our price comparison towards the top of this page and narrow down your perfect plan. Alternatively, you can head straight to the Hyperoptic website (opens in new tab).

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