LG’s 2023 OLED TV range gets the Amazon Prime Day treatment

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Amazon Prime Day is a great opportunity for a new TV and there’s some pretty sweet deals that you can pick up before the official sale ends at 11.59pm SGT July 12.

Right now on Amazon SG, there’s big savings across LG products including laptops, monitors and more, but the best discounts that Prime members can currently pick up are on LG’s 2023 range of OLED TVs. 

Not only do these TV sets come with an outright saving, you’ll also be eligible for an extra discount of up to SG$100 off thanks to the current Amazon LG spend and save promotion.

To grab the full discount on one of the TVs below, you’ll need to be an Amazon Prime member. Singaporeans are in luck though – between a 30-day free trial and a low subscription cost of SG$2.99p/m, it’s one of the most affordable Amazon Prime subscriptions across the globe.

The first LG TV to score an additional SG$100 discount in LG’s spend and save promotion is the 2023 entry-level OLED offering from LG, the 48-inch A3. 

LG A3 OLED TV (48-inch, OLED48A3PSA) SG$2,249SG$1,549
Prime exclusive

LG A3 OLED TV (48-inch, OLED48A3PSA) | SG$2,249 SG$1,549 (save SG$600 + SG$100 in coupons)

As a more affordable OLED TV, you will be making a few compromises with the LG A3 OLED TV. It’s best suited to rooms where you can control the brightness of your surroundings. However, if you want a TV with rich blacks, detailed shadows and an accurate colour display, then you won’t go wrong with this 48-inch option. Prime members score a saving of SG$550 off the listing, plus there’s an additional SG$100 in total of coupons that get applied at checkout, bringing this TV down to SG$1,549 before Amazon Prime Day.

Price comparison: Lazada: SG$2,549

As an entry-level OLED TV, the A3 uses slightly different technology than its more powerful siblings such as the C3, and doesn’t include all the features you’d get in those higher-end models. It has the same 60Hz OLED display as we saw in our LG A2 review, so you'll still get rich blacks and detailed shadows but its brightness is limited when compared to other OLED TVs out there, and it’s not really a good option if you want something for gaming.

Though, if you are after a gaming TV, then you might want to consider the LG B3 OLED TV instead. With support for up to a 120Hz refresh rate and a HDMI 2.1 port for your console of choice, it still offers the deep blacks and vibrant colours that are also available in the A3 model above. And between the listing discount for Prime members and the additional spend and save coupons, it scores a whopping SG$1100 off.

LG B3 OLED TV (55-inch, OLED55B3PSA) SG$3,499SG$2,399
Prime exclusive

LG B3 OLED TV (55-inch, OLED55B3PSA) | SG$3,499 SG$2,399 (save SG$1000 + SG$100 in coupons)

We haven’t sat down with the LG B3 OLED TV yet, but we suspect it’s pretty similar to what we found in our LG B2 review. This deal is available on the 55-inch TV, and along with a HDMI 2.1 port and 120Hz refresh rate, the B3 also offers Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and supports G-Sync and FreeSync so you can enjoy an immersive gaming experience. It also comes with Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision support, and there’s a bundle option to save SG$200 off an eligible LG soundbar as well listed under the available coupons.

Price comparison: Lazada SG: SG$2,649 | Harvey Norman SG: SG$2,699

If neither of those LG TVs suit your needs, here’s a few others, including both OLED and LED options, that have also scored Prime member discounts. Some are also eligible for LG’s spend and save promotion on Amazon:

And if you want to know exactly how the LG spend and save promotion works – essentially the more you spend, the more coupons get applied to your order. Starting at SG$20 for eligible LG products over SG$500 and going up to a total of SG$100 for purchases that total SG$1,500 or more, you don’t have to do anything other than add these items into your cart to claim that extra discount.

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