3 great iPad deals I recommend you get right now in the after-Christmas sales

Black Friday iPad deal
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Thanks to the after-Christmas deals in the US and Boxing Day sales in the UK, you can score all sorts of discounts on great tech. But today is one of the best days to buy an iPad for less. And I have three great deals in the US and UK worth your consideration. 

Right now you can get the 9th-generation 10.2-inch iPad on sale for $249 at Walmart, which is the lowest price we’ve seen this Apple tablet fall to. In the UK, the 9th-gen iPad is down to £319 at Very.

The second deal is for people with more to spend and fancy a more modern iPad, as the 2022 10.9-inch iPad can be had for $468 at Amazon in the US and £449 at Amazon UK

The third is for the iPad mini 6 on sale for $469 at Amazon and down to £531 on Amazon UK

Out of these deals, I'd recommend the 2021 10.2-inch iPad for anyone who wants a bargain-priced tablet that's still very capable. But I'd also suggest getting the iPad mini 6 as I suspect it won't be refreshed for a while and it's a great compact tablet for gaming and note-taking. 

Not in the US or UK? Scroll down for iPad deals in your area. 

Great iPad deals in the US

Apple iPad 10.2 2021 (64GB): $329$249 at Walmart

Apple iPad 10.2 2021 (64GB): was $329 now $249 at Walmart
If you're looking for a cheap iPad, Walmart has the 10.2-inch iPad on sale for a record-low price of $249. While it's not the speediest tablet in the range, a decent screen, quality design, and relatively speedy chip make this the iPad that suits most people's needs the best. For streaming, shopping, and doing a few light work tasks, it's a great choice, especially with today's $80 discount.

Apple iPad 10.9 2022:  $518$468 at Amazon

Apple iPad 10.9 2022: was $518 now $468 at Amazon
Amazon is offering two years of AppleCare+ in this deal, meaning you save a sweet $50 but also have some peace of mind with your new iPad; I've used AppleCare in the past and it's a great service. As for the 2022 iPad itself, is has a 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display, Apple's capable A14 Bionic chip, upgraded cameras with 4K video, and all-day battery life. 

Apple iPad mini (2021): $499$469 at Amazon

Apple iPad mini (2021): was $499 now $469 at Amazon
This isn't the cheapest we've ever seen the iPad mini, but it's still a neat saving on a tablet that isn't likely to be updated anytime soon. However, waiting around for a cheaper price can be tricky, as the iPad mini can sell out very quickly when discounted. So it's worth snapping up now, especially as it's a great little tablet with a neat design and plenty of power, and works well as a portable gaming machine too. 

Great UK iPad deals

Apple iPad 10.2 2021 (64GB): £369£319 at Very

Apple iPad 10.2 2021 (64GB): was £369 now £319 at Very
Not the lowest price ever for this iPad, but enough of a discount to make this entry-level iPad worth your consideration. The savings are a good amount to invest in a selection of App Store apps and games. 

Apple iPad 10.9 2022 (64GB):  £499£449 at Amazon

Apple iPad 10.9 2022 (64GB): was £499 now £449 at Amazon
Not the biggest discount ever, but a good £50 iff the latest standard iPad is still good. That leaves you with a nice chunk of change to spend on games and apps; I'd recommend an Apple Arcade subscription. 

Apple iPad mini (2021): £569£531 at Amazon

Apple iPad mini (2021): was £569 now £531 at Amazon
Amazon has a handy discount on an already keenly-priced iPad. The refreshed design holds a great Retina display and a powerful A15 Bionic chip, which is still plenty powerful nearly two years later. As Apple has seemingly forgotten about the iPad mini, don't expect to see discounts that beat this one. 

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