The latest Samsung Galaxy S24 leaks hint at improved low-light photos and AI tricks

Samsung Galaxy S23 series standing upright against colorful backdrops
The Samsung Galaxy S23 phones (Image credit: Samsung)

There's not a day goes by at the moment when we don't hear a new rumor about the Samsung Galaxy S24 phones – which is perhaps not surprising given that their expected launch date is fast approaching – and the latest leaks offer a few more hints about the photo-taking capabilities of these handsets.

According to noted tipster Ice Universe (via SamMobile), the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is going to have a couple of significant upgrades. First, they say the night mode is "better" than it was on the Galaxy S23 Ultra that came before it.

Second, there will apparently be a new and improved 200MP camera mode that makes use of "AI optimization", and which is capable of spotting 12 different types of object – such as people or flowers, we assume – and automatically tweaking the camera settings accordingly.

As you'll know from our Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra review, that phone also had a main camera with a 200-megapixel rating, but the 24 Ultra is expected to have a new and improved version packed inside it that's capable of some new tricks.

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Even more AI

Also on the AI front, leaker Bennett Bruhner (again via SamMobile) has gone on the record as saying the Galaxy S24 series will feature some smart AI tricks for videos: these tricks will apparently reduce the graininess of clips, improve stabilization, and even let you select something in a clip to erase it.

The same source also says there might be an on-device AI chatbot, but it's "not certain" if this is going to be available at launch. Think something like ChatGPT or Google Bard, that can generate text and field all sorts of questions.

This all fits in with what we've previously heard about Samsung wanting to give the Galaxy S24 phones as many AI features as possible. We know that Google has stuffed the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro full of AI smarts, and it sounds very much as if Samsung is going to follow suit with a series of similar upgrades.

We shouldn't have to much longer to wait to see what Samsung has been working on for the Galaxy S24: most of the people in the know are pointing to January 17, 2024 as a potential launch date, and there will no doubt be more leaks to look at before then.

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