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The cheapest SIM-free Samsung Galaxy S10e unlocked prices in June 2021

Samsung Galaxy S10e Fact File

(Image credit: Future)

Release date: February 20 2019
Launch Price: $749.99 | £669 | AU$1,199
Platform: Android 9 Pie
Storage: 128GB
Camera: 12 + 16MP / 10MP
Screen: 5.8-inch, 1080 x 2280
Battery: 3100mAh
Colours: Prism White, Prism Black, Prism Green, Canary Yellow
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A few years ago, Samsung used to release smaller versions of its phones known as the ‘mini’ series. These allowed phone fans to get their hands on Samsung’s newest range without paying through the roof prices. Luckily, Samsung has finally decided to bring something like that back, offering up the brand new Samsung Galaxy S10e unlocked SIM-free as an alternative budget phone.

This device was launched alongside the S10 and S10 Plus but with a much more reassuring price tag. The unlocked S10e comes in at $749.99/£669, roughly $150 cheaper than the S10 and much, much cheaper than the S10 Plus.

Despite the lower price tag, the SIM-free S10e really doesn’t differ all too much from its two bigger brothers. You’re still getting the notch-less infinity display, face recognition, IP68 water resistance, wireless charging and yes...the headphone port remains. Of course, Samsung did have to cut down somewhere so expect a smaller screen and a reduction in the size of the battery. 

Below you’ll find the best prices on the S10e SIM-free but we’ll be honest, it is highly unlikely that anyone will undercut the RRP from Samsung for a while. Your best bet is to get it unlocked through Samsung directly using its trade-in scheme. You can save up to $550/£350 by swapping in your old phone, meaning a S10e at almost half its original price. Perfect to pair with a cheap SIM only deal.

Rather get it on contract?

The cheapest Samsung Galaxy S10e unlocked / SIM free prices available right now: