Xbox Game Pass Ultimate now has Disney Plus as a perk – but don't get too excited

The Mandalorian season 2
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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate now counts Disney Plus among its subscriber perks – but only as a 30-day free trial, and only for new Disney Plus subscribers. This offer is running until the end of January, at which point you can no longer claim the code to try the streaming service out. The code itself will last until the end of March.

You can try Disney Plus for free through the Perks Gallery on your Xbox console, Xbox Game Pass mobile app and the Xbox app on PC. 

Pretty much any territory that has Disney Plus can take advantage of the perk, including the US, UK and Australia. After the trial lapses, you'll be paying the monthly fee to keep your subscription going, though you can cancel before you're charged.

The limitations here mean it's not that exciting, really – if you wanted to watch The Mandalorian over the past year, chances are you've already got a Disney Plus account. Creating a new account to take advantage of this particular deal seems like a drag, really. 

It's possible Xbox set expectations too high with the teaser below – some guessed it would mean a full Disney Plus subscription would be rolled into the Game Pass Ultimate package (which was always going to be unlikely), much like EA Play is going to be bundled with Ultimate beginning on November 10. Others wondered if a Mandalorian game might be in the offing.

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Still, if you don't care about Star Wars but do care about Marvel, you might want to grab a trial in time for WandaVision, the first MCU TV show coming to Disney Plus before the end of the year. 

Free trial no more

Disney Plus itself stopped running free trials earlier this year, and only ran 7-day trials to begin with, so this is certainly better than nothing. 

Another highlight coming to Disney Plus this year is the Pixar movie Soul, which arrives exclusively in late December. If you've never tried the service, it might be worth it just for that. 

Still, a free month of Disney Plus for existing subscribers might've been a better perk – having a month off paying the subscription fee or a yearly renewal would've been nice. 

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