Where to buy an iPad: deals, sales and which retailers have stock

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iPad deals have been in a massive state of flux in previous weeks, with the 10.2s, Pros, Airs, and even Minis selling out at the big retailers - no doubt a result of the increased demand due to lockdown. Indeed, iPad sales are becoming increasingly rare, and a cheap iPad price on the high-demand models is like gold dust.

Luckily, we've found some great cheap iPad deals that are still in stock and we're here to help. We've looked at all retailers big and small to find what we consider the best options currently - factoring in price and also availability, so you won't have to wait a month for delivery.

This article's divided into handy sections for the standard iPad, iPad Pro's, iPad Air and iPad mini, so just click on the links on the left to jump to your relevant model. This is a living list of iPad deals right here, and we're updating it daily as stock levels change, so be sure to bookmark this page if you still haven't found your cheap iPad. 

This week we're seeing Space Gray variants sell out everywhere in particular, though there's still a few in the other colors. Amazon, Best Buy and other big retailers are also really short on stock as well, so if you want an iPad deal quickly, then definitely consider the other retailers we've highlighted below. 

For a super in-depth look at the whole range, check out our iPad deals page, where we've got a huge 10 model comparison. 

Where to buy an iPad: deals and sales this week

Apple iPad 2019 10.2-inch 32 GB | $329

Apple iPad 2019 10.2-inch 32 GB | $329 $319 at B&H Photo
With Amazon out the picture this week, this iPad deal from B&H Photo is currently the cheapest price for a new iPad - with a tidy little $10 saving to boot. It's also available for delivery right now, so you won't have to wait long. Note - this deal is for the silver color only, as the others have just sold out. If you're looking for that cool Spay Gray color, then head over to the official Apple store where you can pick one up for $329.

Apple iPad 2019 10.2-inch 128 GB | $429

Apple iPad 2019 10.2-inch 128 GB | $429 $399 at Amazon
If you need something a little bigger then you're in luck, these 128GB iPads have just come back into stock at Amazon this week - and with a nice $30 saving to boot. All colors are available right now but this price is only on the Space Gray and Silver models. If you're looking for a Rose Gold variant, we'd recommend waiting this week out until the Gold sees similar price cuts.

Apple iPad 2019 10.2-inch 32 GB | Now £349 at Apple UK

Apple iPad 2019 10.2-inch 32 GB | Now £349 at Apple UK
Apple UK now has some 32GB 10.2-inch iPads back in stock right now, including some Space Gray variants - available for delivery as soon as this week. There are no savings here over normal retail price, but you're getting that quick delivery from a trusted retailer, which is definitely worth something in our books.

Where to buy an iPad Pro: deals and sales this week

Apple iPad Pro 2018 11-inch 256 GB | $949

Apple iPad Pro 2018 11-inch 256 GB | $949 $799.99 at Amazon
You can save yourself $150 on a last-gen iPad Pro clearout deal this week at Amazon, although it's likely stock will move quickly. For the same price as a 128GB 2020 iPad Pro you'll get your hands on a much bigger 256GB capacity while still getting some super powerful components under the hood. This is a great consideration if you're not too fussed about having the very latest tech and really could use that extra bit of storage for movies, games and apps.

Apple iPad Pro 2018 11-inch 256 GB | £940

Apple iPad Pro 2018 11-inch 256 GB | £940 £769 at Currys
Demand might be intense this week but there's still a great deal to be had on a 2018 iPad Pro over at Currys. For £100 less than the price of a current 256GB iPad Pro on Amazon you can get a last-gen full-fat 256 GB capacity iPad Pro.  Amazon has all already sold out on this particular model, so we wouldn't hang around if you're looking to pick one up.

Apple iPad Pro 2018 11-inch 64 GB | £719

Apple iPad Pro 2018 11-inch 64 GB | £719 £669 at Currys
If you can do without the extra storage of the iPad Pro above and want to save a bit more cash, then Currys are also running a great sale on some 64 GB 2018 iPad Pros. While you're not saving quite as much here (£50 vs £80), this iPad deal lessens that admittedly eye-watering hit of the initial upfront spend, and puts it into much more realistic territory for most users.

Where to buy an iPad Air & iPad Mini

Apple iPad Air 2019 | Now $499 at Apple US

Apple iPad Air 2019 | Now $499 at Apple US
Since there's plenty of stock left at the official Apple store we'd recommend heading over there if you're on the hunt for an iPad Air specifically. If you order now you'll get it by next week by the latest, which is much quicker than most third-party retailers currently. All three colors are in stock for the 64GB model and delivery is completely free.

Apple iPad Air 2019 | Now £479 at John Lewis

Apple iPad Air 2019 | Now £479 at John Lewis
Now iPad Air stock is finally returning to normal levels in the UK this week, John Lewis is our pick for the all-around best buy. While you're not receiving any discount here, you're getting a 2-year guarantee from a trusted retailer plus the option to claim up to £150 when you trade in an old iPad. Currys and Apple UK also have stock right now, so if John Lewis does sell out, then there's still plenty of excellent options available.

Apple iPad Mini 2019 | $399

Apple iPad Mini 2019 | $399 $384 at Amazon
Stock has returned to Amazon this week and with a nice little $15 saving on top, making this iPad Mini deal the cheapest currently available in the US. Worth checking also is the Best Buy page, where they've recently offered $50 discounts in flash sales - but only for extremely limited times.

Apple iPad Mini 2019 | Now £399 at John Lewis

Apple iPad Mini 2019 | Now £399 at John Lewis
Some 64GB iPad Minis have just come back into stock this week at John Lewis. While you're not getting a saving here, you are getting quick delivery from a trusted retailer and Apple TV+ free for one year. This Apple TV promotion is currently only available at John Lewis on select Apple devices - making this our iPad Mini deal of the week. If you want to save a few pennies and skip the Apple TV - you can also pick a 64GB iPad Mini up at Ebuyer for £389.

Why are iPads selling out currently?

The iPad is the quintessential tablet for ease of use across a wide range of work and entertainment applications, so it's not surprising that demand has gone up recently with much of the population at home. 

Many of us are looking for that convenient cheap iPad to surf the web while kicking back on the couch or lounging out in the garden. Tablets and cheap laptops are especially popular right now as they provide a versatile and fairly inexpensive toolkit when it comes to entertainment and working from home. All you need is some internet access and you've opened up a whole world of entertainment possibilities. 

We're also seeing the advent of school closures and homeschooling, and it's likely that parents are looking to keep their kids busy with tablets right now. Family entertainment has always been a popular use for iPads, with many parents making use of the iOS parental controls to provide a welcome distraction for bored kids. It's often a handy tool because you can watch movies, use apps and play games directly from one device - often saving a good bit of cash over buying a gaming laptop for example. 

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