Will your iPhone get the iOS 16 update?

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Apple's WWDC 2022 keynote livestream has wrapped up and we got our first look at all the upgrades coming to our iPhones, iPads, and MacBook devices. This includes the first look at iOS 16 and all the features coming to the new operating system.

One of our favorites is the upgrade coming to Messages. Once iOS 16 launches you'll be able to edit messages after you've sent them and even unsend them – helping to avoid any embarrassment caused by your errors.

There are also changes coming to the lock screen. With iOS 16 you'll be able to customize your lock screen setup including changing fonts, text colors, adding photos, and even complications (a feature borrowed from the Apple Watch). Complications are snippets of info from apps on your device, letting you get more from your phone without having to open it up.

But what devices will support iOS 16 at launch and get access to these and other features?

What devices support iOS 16?

Apple has said that iOS 16 is coming "this fall" (read September through to November, likely alongside the launch of the iPhone 14). This free update will be available on iPhone 8 and later. More specifically, that includes the following phones:

What about people using iPhone 7 and older?

Those of you still happily using your iPhone 7 or older will, unfortunately, miss out on the latest updates coming to newer iPhones, but your phone should continue to work just fine.

The features you currently rely on won't instantly start going away, though you may notice some of your favorite apps steadily stop supporting your older operating system. You might not notice a change right away, but third-party apps will likely require you to upgrade to iOS 16 if you want to use them eventually.

You might also be at increased risk of facing a security breach. Hackers have had longer to work out how to crack open older hardware and software, using workarounds that are probably patched in newer updates. 

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