We're sorry to inform you your Microsoft Flight Simulator flight stick may be delayed

Microsoft Flight Simulator
(Image credit: Microsoft)

If you're looking to play Microsoft's recently-released Flight Simulator with a dedicated flight stick, you might struggle to find one online. 

Following the release of the game on 18 August , Amazon.com has sold out of all of its best-selling flight sticks, from the Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas One to the Logitech G Pro Flight Throttle Quadrant. Although the retailer still has Flight Simulator in stock, all PC accessories are either listed as unavailable or only available used - and most won’t be back in stock for a number of months. 

Best Buy is suffering a similar shortage, with all seven of its flight sticks showing as sold out online. 

Of course, it’s not clear if the release of Flight Simulator has directly caused this shortage. However, given it’s the biggest flight simulator to be released in recent years, it looks likely Microsoft is to blame.

However, as noted by The Verge, Twitter users were complaining about a shortage of flight sticks prior to the release of Flight Simulator. What’s more, a number of game accessories have been selling out recently as people spend more time at home during the pandemic – notably Nintendo’s Ring Fit add-on. 

If you’re desperately after a dedicated flight stick for enjoying Flight Simulator at its best – or to ensure you’re ready for the release of Star Wars: Squadrons in October - they are available at some retailers. Dell, for example, has a number of flight sticks from Thrustmaster and Saitek available at its website.

A flight stick shortage isn't the only issue to have hit Flight Simulator in the days following its release. It's been revealed game's long download time counts as time-played on Steam, which means buyers won't benefit from Valve's two-hour refunds

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