This DualSense PS5 controller leak is one of the most convincing yet

(Image credit: Sony)

Another image of Sony’s DualSense PS5 controller has surfaced on social media, but unlike the grainy image we saw on Resetera, this one looks a lot more convincing. It also doesn’t make the controller look comically large and chunky.

The image below was shared on Twitter by Egyptian retailer Gamezawy, and appears to be a genuine photo from what we can ascertain. There aren’t any telltale signs of photoshop, and the image is clear enough that no details are obscured. The lighting also looks completely natural, which is usually an area that renders and photoshop attempts get wrong.

We can also see all the features and design markings of Sony’s new controller here. From the clear face buttons and directional pad, to the speaker and mute button, nothing really seems amiss. 

Of course, there’s no sign of the rear of the controller, and we can’t see the L1 and R1 buttons protruding from the top of the controller like in Sony’s own promotional shots. Still, it’s hard to say with confidence that this photo isn’t real.

Firmly grasp it

Although it’s hard to judge the size of someone’s hand in a photo, the DualSense PS5 controller looks far better proportioned compared to the Resetera image we previously saw. It mirrors the design of the Xbox One Series X controller more than the DualShock 4, which was wider and slimmer in comparison. 

With the PS5 set to be one of the biggest and reportedly heaviest consoles of all time, a larger controller wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to conclude. However, it looks like we won’t have to do any wrist exercises if the above photo is real, and the person who shared it has normal-sized hands and not a pair of catcher’s mitts. 

We're still waiting on an actual release date for the PS5, but Sony has promised it will release during 'holiday 2020', between November and December.

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