The DualSense PS5 controller looks chunky in this 'leaked' image

(Image credit: Sony)

Sony revealed the DualSense PS5 controller earlier this year, along with details on the next-gen gamepad's impressive-sounding features such as haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. However, we haven't had the chance to see the DualSense in actual human hands - until now.

A 'leaked' image of the DualSense has made its way to Resetera and, while the PS5 controller looks as futuristic as it does in the press shots, what is surprising is how how chunky the gamepad looks (assuming the photo is legit).

In comparison to the hand that's holding it, the DualSense looks much larger, with the width of the gamepad surpassing the hand span of the person holding it and the length almost that of the hand. You can check out the image here.

Absolute chonk


(Image credit: Sony)

It's worth bearing in mind that this person may just have smaller hands, or the perspective of the photo could be warping the controller's proportions. If this image really is the DualSense, though, then it certainly looks that the next-gen controller will be bulkier than its predecessor, the DualShock 4

This could be welcome news for PlayStation players who prefer the bulkier Xbox One controller. For those who prefer the streamlined lightness of the DualShock, though, it may be an unwelcome change.

But without knowing whether this is really the DualSense controller, or what the controller's actual dimensions are, we can only speculate about whether it'll be larger or not.

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