These EE tariffs are the best mobile phone deals on top Apple and Samsung devices

Mobile phone deals
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With prices on Samsung and Apple's top devices on a constant climb upwards, it is becoming harder to convince yourself that the newest device is worth the cost - no matter how incredible they are. But luckily, mobile retailer Fonehouse has seized the opportunity and out done all other retailers on price for selected Samsung and Apple devices.

These mobile phone deals can be found on both manufacturers' devices - that means brilliant offers on handsets such as the Galaxy S10, iPhone XS Max, Galaxy Note 9 and iPhone 8. And to make it even more exciting, a few of these offers are exclusive to TechRadar readers - so you won't find them anywhere else.

So if you want to get some of the best smartphones out there without having to re-mortgage your home, scroll down to see all of these phone deals in full. 

Fonehouse's iPhone deals in full:

iPhone XS Max | EE | £99 upfront | 60GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £58pm
Here it is, Apple's top flagship device. Yes, the XS Max may still seem expensive but for one of the priciest phones in the world this is actually a brilliant price, especially considering the huge amount of data. A quick look at our iPhone XS Max deals page will show it doesn't get much better than this. Total cost over 24 months is £1491
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iPhone 8 | EE | £25 upfront | 30GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £33pm
Okay so this isn't technically the best iPhone 8 deal out there. But it is the best offering on big data and the cheapest there is on EE - the UK's fastest 4G network. For 30GB of data, a monthly cost of £33 is pretty extraordinary, especially in the world of Apple products, which aren't exactly known for affordability. Overall, this is one of the best iPhone 8 contracts out there. Total cost over 24 months is £817
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Fonehouse's Samsung deals in full:

Exclusive Samsung Galaxy S10 | EE | £85 upfront | 50GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £43pm
Not even out of pre-order stage yet and there is already an exclusive on the Galaxy S10. This is one of our favourite Galaxy S10 deals and it is exclusive to TechRadar, so you won't find it anywhere else. Big data and costs that are really quite affordable for a device that was only released last month, it's a great overall offer. Total cost over 24 months is £1117
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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 | EE | £50 upfront | 20GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £38pm
Ahh the Note 9, a phone that is truly unique with its massive screen, S pen and immensely powerful processor. And getting this powerhouse phone doesn't have to be too expensive anymore with this Note 9 deal. We can tell you now that offers on this phone do not get any better than this, especially for this much data. Total cost over 24 months is £962
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Exclusive Samsung Galaxy Note 8 | EE | FREE upfront | 9GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £28pm
All of the above tariffs were quite expensive, they are the best phones in the world after all. However, this Galaxy Note 8 deal bucks that trend, offering an incredibly affordable price. Much like the S10 above, this deal is exclusive to TechRadar readers - aren't you lucky. No upfront costs, monthly bills under £30, what's not to love about this Note 8 contract? Total cost over 24 months is £672
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