The best offensive playbooks in Madden NFL 22

Madden NFL 22 Kittle breaking through
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Winning in Madden NFL 22 is simple, you need to score more points than your opponent. It doesn’t matter how stifling your defense is if you can’t get on the scoreboard. The NFL is a scoring league, and you need an offensive system that makes this job easier.

Good schemes will create mismatches, where speed and power advantages in your favor make your offense hard to stop. They lead to open receivers, and runners with space. Here are the top offensive playbooks in Madden NFL 22.

Madden NFL 22 Ravens Offense

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Ravens Offense

The Ravens Offense remains the king of running quarterbacks. This year they actually reduced the number of under center plays to further zero in on how Lamar Jackson, the league's most mobile quarterback, runs the offense. 

This includes Shotgun Split Wing Nasty, a three-play formation unique to this playbook with nothing but pre-snap motion and RPO’s. Empty Quads is another unusual option, putting four receivers to one side of the field, and one on the other. This is great for spreading out the defense, allowing you to either find an open man, or take off with a speedy quarterback for a big gain.

Madden NFL 22 Dolphins Offense

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Miami Dolphins

Miami runs one of the most popular offenses for online play. It is extremely versatile, allowing you to play to your strengths, and exploit openings provided by the defense. 

Both the Pistol and Shotgun formations have expanded playbooks, giving you room to sit back and pick apart defensives. The Trips TE formation out of Shotgun has nearly every type of play. There is a significant advantage to be had from showing the same lineup to your opponent, and running completely different plays every time.

Madden NFL 22 Colts play art

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The Colt's offense is one the best passing attacks in Madden NFL 22. The standard single back formation has an extensive combination of passing options, and can also run inside, outside, and to the sideline. 

The bunch formations, which tightly group three receivers to one side, creates mismatches, leading to open receivers. Mesh post has safe, reliable passes to underneath receivers, but also has big play opportunity. Double post is one of the strongest deep-passing plays in Madden. Both are in the Shotgun Bunch Offset formation.

Madden NFL 22 Raiders play art

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The Raiders run John Gruden's classic west coast offense, with an easy-to-use playbook that has explosive potential, and can run almost any type of play. There are great zone running options in shotgun and single back, while three different I formations lend themselves to old school, power football.

A massive assortment of Shotgun formations has every play you could ask for. The real piece de resistance, though, is Redzone Hb Corner. Run from Shotgun Split Twins, this sends your two best Wide Receivers on post routes, while your running back sneaks up the sideline they just vacated. The result is an often wide-open running back, ready to make the easy catch deep up field near the sideline.

Madden NFL 22 Niners offense

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Kyle Shanahan’s tenure in San Francisco has been extremely successful thus far, owing in large part to outstanding play design for his offense. This is true in Madden 22 as well. The playbook is extremely well balanced. There are strong runs and passes, with no glaring weaknesses. 

Similar to the colts it has a large number of single-back formations. Bunch TE has cross drag, which has a crossing route at every level of the field, and Power Alert Bubble, giving you the option to quickly throw to a receiver with blockers, or hand off, as the situation dictates. 

The strong running leads to one of the best play action passing games, and the stretch run from the I slot close formation is great for making your opponent think you are running inside, when you are really running outside for a large gain.

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