Chromecast Ultra rumored to stream 4K video for double the price


We already know Google's planning a major event on October 4, but we don't know exactly what the company is going to announce. There's obviously going to be new phones, probably Pixel branded, but the latest rumors point to additional devices crashing the event, too.

One of those is the Chromecast Ultra, rumored to be Google's follow up to the wildly successful Chromecast and Chromecast Audio, according to two unnamed sources speaking with Android Police.

The Chromecast Ultra will reportedly bring 4K and HDR support to the streaming media device, but it'll cost double what the Chromecast currently costs.

At $69 (about £55, AU$90), the Chromecast Ultra definitely seems like less of a value over the current $35 (£30, AU$49) Chromecast, but if you think about what other devices support 4K and HDR streaming, it's actually not so bad.

For example, both the Xbox One S and PlayStation 4 Pro support 4K and HDR, but you'll have to shell out $400 (£349, AU$549) for each console. The Nvidia Shield also supports 4K and HDR content but costs $199 (about £130, AU$255). Now $69 doesn't sound too unreasonable, does it?

Google will most likely keep selling the 1080p Chromecast as not everyone has a 4K television just yet. How the Chromecast Ultra will stack up against cheap Android TV boxes like the Xiaomi Mi Box is one question we don't yet know the answer to.

Lewis Leong
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