Samsung Galaxy tablet deals hit the super cheap Tab A this week

Samsung Galaxy tablet deals sales
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We're seeing some fantastic Samsung Galaxy tablet deals hitting the shelves at the moment, and the latest price cuts are landing on the cheap and cheerful Samsung Galaxy Tab A. There are some excellent prices available on these everyday devices right now, making them the perfect pick up if you need an extra screen for streaming, gaming, reading, or the odd work email. 

You'll find the 32GB model available for as little as £159 at Amazon right now - an excellent price that's only £10 shy of a Black Friday record low. Alternatively, if you don't want to rely on WiFi to work from your 10.1-inch tablet, you'll also find the LTE model with a £40 discount, now down to £209 at Amazon

These tablets have been around for a while, but the price of the standard WiFi version usually drops to between £170 and £190 when sales do roll around. That means these Samsung Galaxy tablet deals are far cheaper than you'd usually expect. 

We're rounding up all of these offers just below, and you'll also find plenty of cheap Samsung tablet sales available on more models further down the page as well. If you missed out on these offers, it's worth keeping an eye on this year's Black Friday deals too.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A deals

Samsung Galaxy Tab A - 32GB: £199 £159 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Tab A - 32GB: £199 £159 at Amazon
Save £40 on this 32GB Samsung Galaxy Tab A at Amazon this week - a 20% reduction that puts it within £10 of its all-time low price. That's an excellent deal considering we've only ever seen it cheaper over Black Friday.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A - 32GB, LTE: £249 £208.98 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Tab A - 32GB, LTE: £249 £208.98 at Amazon
You can also save £40 on the LTE version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A. That's a super-cheap tablet price for a 4G-enabled device regardless, and with an extra 16% off you're getting a fantastic deal here. Remember, though, to take full advantage of that LTE you will have to factor in the cost of a data contract.

More Samsung Galaxy tablet deals

Wherever you're shopping, you'll find all the latest Samsung Galaxy tablet deals in your region just below. The Tab A featured here sits on top, but underneath you'll find a range of prices for the latest Samsung Galaxy Tab S6.

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