Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Fold 2 launch reportedly still on schedule

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The ongoing global coronavirus pandemic has thrown off product development and refreshes cycles of almost every manufacturer. With expected delays all around, Samsung might still be on track to get its next flagships ready in time.

Amid numerous other products, the Galaxy Note 20 and the Fold 2 are the most important smartphones from Samsung this year and are likely to be in their advanced stages of development. While a delay won’t be surprising, a report from Korea Herald states that Samsung might indeed be able to stick to its schedule and announce the products in August. 

Samsung has apparently begun preparing for its next Unboxed launch event with certain teams already back to the office. They are, however, proceeding with caution. An insider confirmed that preparations for the next Galaxy Note launch are underway with no delay, but the nature of the event is yet to be finalized. “Regarding a physical event, things are yet to be discussed, we are considering measures like an online event.”

For context, Apple is already considering delaying the launch of the iPhone 12 series from Q3 to Q4 of this year, as the US is one of the most affected countries in the world. Earlier rumors also suggested that certain employees were allowed to take the early models of the upcoming devices to continue working on them. Even the upcoming Google Pixel 4a might be derailed.

Big announcements underway

Leaks on Samsung’s upcoming flagships are currently sparse, but the Note 20 is expected to bring a smarter stylus, larger display, and upgraded internals and cameras. Some reports even suggested that the Note 20 will also successfully implement an under-display front camera, making it one of the first mainstream devices to do so. The Galaxy Fold 2 will bring numerous refinements to a design that Samsung pretty much pioneered. 

It needs to be noted that even if Samsung can stick to its launch timeline, deliveries could be delayed as most logistical services have been suspended. With no clarity on when the global lockdown will end, at least some countries will have delayed shipments.

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