PS5 patent hints at a new way you could interact with the PSVR 2

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Sony has patented a new motion controller design that could be for the PSVR 2

Published by WIPO (via 91mobiles), the newly published patent is for a controller device, shaped similarly to a Wii controller, with finger-tracking sensors that can determine which user is playing and the distance between the controllers themselves. 

"This controller device is worn on the hand of a user and includes: a plurality of sensor units that detect the fingers of the user; and a sensor support part that supports the sensor units," the patent description reads. "The sensor support part supports the sensor units so that the distance between adjacent sensor units can be changed."

According to the patent, the controller will feature a strap for the wrist, a trigger button on the top and then a long, vertical strip with the finger sensors, so when a player's hand grasps the controller, their fingers cover the sensors.

If this the the design of the new PSVR 2 controllers then it's welcome news, as we will be happy to see the back of the Move's colorful orbs. Plus, these streamlined gamepads should be more accurate at detecting in-game interactions due to its finger-tracking sensors.

Preparing for PSVR 2?

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While this clearly won't be the PS5 controller, it's very likely to be the new motion controller for the PSVR 2 – replacing the current Move controllers

While Sony hasn't officially confirmed PSVR 2 is in the works, there are plenty of rumors that suggest a new PSVR headet will launch for the PlayStation 5. Rumors suggest the PSVR 2 may even have eye and movement tracking, although the patent that suggested those features also claimed that the new PSVR controllers may have built-in cameras – which we haven't seen here.

We can only really speculate until Sony officially confirms PSVR 2 is in the works, but this patent certainly gives us a lot to think about. 

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