PlayStation teases reveal, but it's probably not the PS5

(Image credit: Sony)

We're on tenterhooks waiting for Sony to reveal the PS5, so it's no surprise that some PlayStation fans on Twitter got excited when PlayStation Germany tweeted that it was going to reveal something today. 

Spotted by GamesRadar, the translated tweet reads "You know what we're going to tell you today, don't you?" 

Some Twitter users took this as a tease that more PlayStation 5 news will land today, but unfortunately we don't think that's very likely.

Sorry, folks

For a start, it's unlikely Sony would tease a PlayStation 5 reveal from just one of its Twitter accounts. If it was an accidental leak, then the tweet would have been ttaken down by now.

It's much more likely that the PlayStation Germany account is teasing PlayStation Plus's free games for March. PlayStation Plus games are typically announced by PlayStation near the end of the month, before rolling out about a week into the following month. 

Microsoft has just announced its Xbox Games with Gold for March, including Batman: The Enemy Within and Sonic Generations. 

So, sorry PlayStation fans, but it looks like we have to wait longer for an official PlayStation 5 reveal.

Vic Hood
Associate Editor, TechRadar Gaming

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