Xbox Games with Gold August 2023: free games available right now

The playable character close to the screen in one of the platforming levels in Blue Fire
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Xbox Games with Gold presented a selection of games each month for no extra cost for its subscribers, offering a great opportunity to add some extra titles to your library which you may not have initially thought to. But the service comes to a close this August, and the last two games have become available before the service shifts to Game Pass Core.

Due to the new service coming into play at the end of the month, the staggered approach that Xbox Games with Gold usually takes is being disregarded, and the free games are available from the start of the month until the very end, so you won't have to worry about rushing to get through them in time to play the other. 

Here are the free Xbox Games With Gold games that you can pick up in August 2023. This month, you can embark on a journey to explore temples filled with platforming challenges, and master the perfect drift through a 90s retro future. 

Xbox Games with Gold: this month's free games

Xbox Games With Gold (August 2023)

A car drifting around a track in Inertial Drift

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Blue Fire

Evil forces have taken over the world of Penumbra. They need a warrior of light and darkness! Embark on a journey to explore temples filled with 3D platforming challenges, battle wild enemies, and go on side quests. Master the art of movement as you face increasingly challenging Void Puzzles and unlock the secrets that will save the day.

Available August 1 - August 31

Inertial Drift 

Can you master the perfect drift? Drive through a 90s retro future in this arcade racing game that leverages a unique handling model and twin-stick drift mechanices. Choose from 16 unique cars across 20 wild tracks to tear through the neon streets. Rev up your skills in single-player story move and then prove you’re the best in multiplayer.

Available August 1 - August 31

Xbox Games with Gold: last month's free games

Ida and Owl sat across a table from one another in When the past was around

(Image credit: Toge Productions)


Roam by day, survive the night. Darkwood is a different type of survival horror game that builds tension through a slow-burn atmosphere without relying on jump scares. Explore an open world of the corrupted woods to scavenge weapons and materials, but once the sun dips, you’ll need to hole up surrounded by whatever traps and barriers you can build and pray you can hide from or fight the creatures that emerge in the dark. 

Available July 1 - July 31

When The Past Was Around 

Discover the touching and bittersweet love story of Eda and Owl. Unlock the puzzles in a beautifully rendered point-and-click adventure with hand-drawn art and a magical score that will stick with you for days. This is a calming, meditative game that reflects on love and loss in a surreal world made up of disjointed rooms from memory and time.

Available July 16 - August 15

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