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Orange launches first Welsh language phone

We're reliably informed this is a chat up line in Welsh
We're reliably informed this is a chat up line in Welsh

Orange has had a look at the Welsh-speaking community and decided it needs a phone of its very own, so has launched the Samsung S6500 with Welsh language on board.

This means 44,000 words in the dictionary for easier predictive texting, as well as menus re-calibrated to look just wrong to someone that doesn't speak Welsh.

Coming only on Orange, the Welsh-friendly handset will be available from 1 September, and we assume Orange has decent network coverage in the Welsh mountains.

Welsh for the Argentines

Not only that, but Welsh speakers not actually living in Wales (such as those in Chubut, Argentina) will soon be able to pick up the phone as well, with it being offered in other stores and online shortly after its Welsh release.

The Samsung S5600 will be available for free on 24 month Orange contracts at £19.57 per month or at £14.98 per month (with £9.50 paid upfront). It will also be available for the far-more-palatable £129.00 on pay as you go (subject to a £10 top-up when purchased).

The Samsung S5600 is a mid range phone offered by Orange (and has been re-released in the UK as the Blade by Vodafone) and packs a 2.8-inch touchscreen and a 3.2MP camera to boot.