AT&T will offer the LG G Flex for pre-order a week before Sprint release

LG G Flex
LG is developing new curves all over the place

AT&T has announced that it will offer the LG G Flex for pre-order beginning on January 24.

However, there's no word on when the curved G Flex will actually ship out and/or hit shelves.

We asked the carrier if it's willing to divulge any more details, but a spokesperson replied that it has nothing more to share right now.

AT&T will sell the LG G Flex for $299.99 on a two-year contract, or monthly payments of $26.74 per month with an 18-month AT&T Next plan or $34.75 per month with a 12-month AT&T Next plan.

New year's resolution: be more flexible

AT&T announced in early January at CES 2014 that it would carry the LG G Flex, though at the time we had no idea how soon.

It's the second carrier to announce dates for the flexible G Flex, the first being Sprint, which put the phone up for pre-order in mid January and will ship it out by January 31.

Meanwhile, Sprint's LG G Flex will hit store shelves on February 7.

The G Flex is notable for numerous reasons, like its curved, flexible frame, its rear-mounted button, and its large 6-inch HD OLED display (though the screen didn't impress us in our LG G Flex review).

The G Flex also features Android 4.2: Jelly Bean, a 2.26GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB of memory, 32GB of storage, 13- and 2.1-megapixel cameras, and a 3,500mAh battery.

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