Galaxy Mega stomping into AT&T this week, other carriers will lug phablet too

Samsung Galaxy Mega S3 comparison
Samsung's Galaxy Mega dwarfs the Galaxy S3

Update: The Galaxy Mega is also headed to U.S. Cellular, though the carrier isn't sharing pricing or availability details just yet.

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AT&T and Sprint sent out press releases today alerting the eager masses that both carriers will soon play host to the Samsung Galaxy Mega.

The massive phone is coming first to AT&T though, and it's coming very soon indeed - how's this Friday sound?

Sprint users will have to wait a bit longer, though it's unclear exactly how long it will be - the carrier's announcement says only that the Galaxy Mega will arrive "later this year."

On AT&T, the Galaxy Mega will cost $24 per month with an AT&T Next plan or $149.99 on a two-year contract. Sprint offered no prices, instead vaguely touting the benefits of its unlimited LTE data plans.

'The ideal hybrid'

The Galaxy Mega is the latest phablet in Samsung's ever-growing Galaxy family.

It's one huge piece of work, measuring 6.3 inches and posing a fun challenge to anyone trying to shove it into their pants pockets.

AT&T calls it "the ideal hybrid handset if you want to experience smartphone portability with the immersive experience of a tablet."

Sprint, meanwhile, promised to keep us updated on pricing and availability as its release approaches.

How big is too big?

In TechRadar's hands-on Galaxy Mega review we pondered whether Samsung has finally gone too far when it comes to size - the Galaxy Note and Note 2 were manageable, but the Galaxy Mega is frankly gigantic.

You can see just how large 6.3 inches really is in the above photo - that's the Galaxy S3, no pipsqueak itself, sitting on top of the Galaxy Mega.

However, if phablets are your thing the 6.3-inch hybrid is definitely worth checking out.

  • If the Mega is just too Mega for you, there are plenty of other options coming soon - like the Galaxy Note 3 or the (rumored) HTC One Max.
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