CES 2014: Our top 10 moments

We're down to the last day of CES 2014 coverage!

But that doesn't mean there will be a short supply of news and hands ons. Keep checking back today for the last stretch of the most insane tech show of the year.

Sony's got big TVs too

Sony has an 85-inch LED Ultra HDTV, or if you want to be specific, the XBR-85X950B.

Sure, this might be the biggest and baddest in Sony's XBR range, but it's the unique features that make Sony seem closer to achieving 4K as a mainstream reality.

It's a niche product for sure, but it was still a sight to behold.

Sony XBR

Forget curved screens, Sony's straying from the mainstream and going wedge-shaped.

Sony Bravia X9

The tapered design of the company's 2014 Bravia X9 4K line serves a distinct purpose, and not one that has to do with visuals.

Rather Sony has given the extra wedge shape over to a set of built in speakers, that are much sleeker in person. It's by no means obstructive - these are flat 4K screens and the viewing angle is the same as it would be on any such screen.

The X9 has impressed us so much, we gave it TechRadar's Best TV of CES 2014.

Acer - more than tablets

Acer showcased a bunch of new Android tablet devices earlier this week but also footnoted its announcements with a curiously familiar laptop called the Acer C720P-2600.

Acer C720P

Those who missed out Acer's first budget and touchscreen Chromebook, the C720P, should expect practically the same 1,366x768 touchscreen equipped laptop except in a new coat of white. Meaning it's not a huge step up, but since the C720P's predecessor is a fine machine, this one seems to be as well.

LG gets fit

LG making a play for the fitness tracker space is nothing new - it did just the same thing last year.

But this time around, things have got smarter and more oddly designed, with the new Lifeband Touch offering functionality beyond just wandering around and seeing a number raise up.

If monitoring your heart rate is a must have for you, LG has added in another cool accessory: the cleverly-named Heart Rate Headphones, which is a pair of buds that can biometrically sense your heart rate when plugged into your ears.

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