CES 2014: Our top 10 moments

We made it through day one of CES, and even though we're all barely standing, the TechRadar team is off to cover all the latest tech at this year's biggest consumer technology show.

Here's a look at all of the news and hands ons from day two of CES 2014.

TechRadar's Best of CES 2014 Award winners

This year's show has had everything from cameras to cars, Bravias to Bayhem - so it's been no small feat to whittle the huge array of products launched down into a greatest hits collection. But we managed to find the products that stand above the rest.

Toyota Fuel Cell

Congrats to the Toyota Fuel Cell - a Best of CES 2014 award winner

Take a look at the new and improved Oculus Rift

The team at Oculus Rift unveiled the newest version of the virtual reality headset at CES - something a few of us here at TechRadar have been waiting for.

The new prototype is going by the name of "Crystal Cove" and adds positional tracking, improved latency and lower persistence with a new 1080p OLED display.

Oculus Rift Crystal Cove

Oculus Rift gets a much-needed update

PlayStation Now, now please?

The concept of backwards compatibility has caused several uproars during the pre-PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launch but now it seems like Sony might have the best solution: PlayStation Now. Maybe.

Sony has introduced a way to play its last-gen games, and you don't even need a PlayStation 3 or 4.

PS Now

PlayStation Now could be the Netflix of video games. Through a subscription or a la carte rental payments players can stream PS3 games in 720p, no console required.

Garmin get into wearables with the Vivofit

In an effort to compete with the Nike Fuelband SE and the FitBit Force, Garmin has unveiled their fitness wearable - the Vivofit.

Although Garmin has had a few fitness watches out, this is its first fitness band, but it still houses a curved, always-on display that shows daily goals, steps, goal countdown, calories, distance and, of course, the time.

Hands on with the Samsung

Samsung has been quite busy during this CES. For instance, they had a massive press conference to unveil the latest in home theater entertainment with a quick appearance and even quicker exit from Hollywood director, Michael Bay. And they've been rolling out new laptops and tablets as well.

Ativ Book (

New but is it improved

In fact, we took a look at their new and improved Samsung Ativ Book 9 on our second day of CES. Samsung bumped things up and knocked specs down in its effort to hit the ultimate sweet spot in a new form factor. But we're not going to go on and on about here ...

We also checked out the Samsung ATIV Book One 7 and boy, is it a slick machine so far.

In fact, we liked it so much we gave it TechRadar's Best All-in-one Computer.

ATIV Book One 7

Nope, that's not a Mac

Running Windows 8.1, the ATIV One 7 looks like something out of a sci-fi flick, with its all-white glossy shell with chrome edges and few hard edges. It's simply a stunner.

But that's not all with 'ol Sammie. The company also produced a fine looking tablet - the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro, or more specifically the gigantic Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2.

It may sound like a lot of superfluous space, but it proved to be quite nice when we took a gander during our hands on. The specs are also looking pretty good so head on over to the full hands on, and check back later for the full on review.

Tab Pro 12.2

For those who love a big screen

Lenovo has big plans this summer

And just has the holidays come to a close, Lenovo already has its eye on this summer. The ThinkPad and IdeaPad maker revealed at CES that it has "multiple" models running the Chrome OS in the pipeline, all coming this summer.

Those laptops, President of Lenovo North American Jay Parker said, will come in a variety of configurations and price points.

Lenovo Chromebook

Is a Lenovo Chromebook on the way?

John Legere loves Macklemore

In fact, Legere was kicked out of an AT&T party for trying to see the band. However, it just added fuel to the T-Mobile fire.

T-Mobile will start covering customers' early termination fees (ETFs) when they switch from Verizon, AT&T and Sprint, plus give them an additional credit when they make the move. In all, T-Mobile could end up forking up $650 per line.


The fourth and final phase revealed

What's more, T-Mo made the claim it owns the fastest 4G LTE network in the US, treading very heavily on territory usually occupied by its competitors. The company also revealed preliminary fourth quarter 2013 results, revealing that it saw biggest customer growth in years.

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