Nike FuelBand SE review

Nike wants us to win the hour, win the day

Nike Fuelband SE
Fitness gets a splash of colour

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    Stylish as ever

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    Sessions is a great feature

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    Social functions also cool


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    Still no Android app

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    Accuracy still a bit questionable

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If Apple is building an iWatch, it's probably keeping a close eye on Nike's FuelBand right now.

With the first FuelBand, Nike successfully built a life gamifier. It was a piece of fitness tech that you'd wear like any other watch or wristband, not just something to put on for a jog like you would the TomTom Runner. In other words, it nailed wearable tech.

The Nike FuelBand SE is the second iteration of the FuelBand, but while the Fitbit Force and others are edging into smartwatch territory, Nike has instead decided to keep its focus on fitness and plugging the gaps found in the original.

But at $149 or £129 (around AU$156) The SE isn't cheap, so the big question is: will it actually make you more active?

Nike FuelBand SE design

FuelBand SE

The built-in USB connection makes it super easy to plug in

The Nike FuelBand SE adds a bit of colour to the otherwise black band with a choice of neon splash - yellow, orange or pink - but fans of subtlety can still opt for completely black if they wish.

Aside from that, the design is very much the same and that's by no means a criticism. There's just just one button that adorns the surface and the thing clips together securely with the USB connection, which allows the SE to plug right into your computer - no need to use the included cord.

Those beautiful LEDs that decorate the screen are still mesmerising and there's something incredibly satisfying about seeing it light up with colours when you hit your day's goal. We'll get to that later.

As you'd expect, the SE is also just as light on the wrist, and flexible enough to make putting it on and taking it off nice and easy. You can pick it up in three sizes - small, medium/large or extra large - but all of them come with spacers that you can add or remove until the band fits nicely to your wrist.

However if you feel like your wrist is on the border of two different sizes, we'd recommend going for the smaller. You can make it bigger with spacers if necessary but there's only so far you can shrink the bigger option.

FuelBand SE

As thin as it is, the SE can still get in the way when you're sat at a desk

The SE does, however, still have a bit of a bulk problem. When moving about you'll hardly notice the wristband is there but when you're sat down at a desk typing it can actually be a bit of a nuisance, stopping you from comfortably lying your arm flat on a surface.

On a more positive note, the design is a bit more water resistant this time around although it's still not waterproof. You can keep the SE on in the shower but you'll still have to take it off when you go swimming. Nike said this was the payoff of having the convenient (but exposing) USB connector.

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