NordVPN subscribers can get 1 month, 1 year or 2 years free with its birthday deal

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When it comes to VPN deals, you usually know what you're getting. However, in celebration of its 10th anniversary, NordVPN has decided to spice things up with its epic birthday deal. The rules are simple: sign up for a two-year plan to receive one of its amazing gifts!

Rated one of the top VPN services, NordVPN offers the possibility to win one month, one year or two years free to everyone who decides to commit to its two-year plan. On top of that, a generous discount lowers the overall price to just $3.49 a month without the gift. That's a game in which everyone is winning.  

For those not familiar with VPNs yet, they are a software that encrypts and anonymizes your internet connection by masking your internet protocol (IP) address. In this way, your online actions are virtually untraceable. They are also really popular for bypassing geo-restrictions that characterize online streaming services like Netflix or BBC iPlayer. 

Ready to invest in more privacy when online? Read on to find out everything you need to know about NordVPN's jaw-dropping birthday deal.

NordVPN | 2-year plan + FREE gift | 70% off

NordVPN | 2-year plan + FREE gift | 70% off
One of the biggest names amongst VPN providers right now, NordVPN is offering a great price of $3.49 a month. On top of that, though, subscribers ready to commit to its two-year plan will have the chance to get one month, one year or two years free. Not sure yet? Try it out with its risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Ten years have passed since NordVPN broke into the VPN market. Now one of the leading privacy and security providers, Nord has decided to celebrate in style with a really tempting offer. 

We understand that you'll have one month to take advantage of this incredible offer, and the prizes will be randomly selected. But no matter what you win, you'll always get a little extra!

Together with some free time of online protection, its longest subscription is now reduced to $84 overall - that’s 70% off. However, after the 10-hour timer runs down on the website, it will increase to $96 - meaning a 66% of discount on previous prices. Also the one-year plan has dropped to $60 overall, with a 58% discount. 

Plus, if you're not happy with NordVPN's services, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. That all makes this a real risk-free VPN bargain that you cannot miss. 

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What other VPN deals are available?

NordVPN is not the only big name that is offering great bargains to new users. Here, we've got some of the top VPN deals for you to choose from. 

Among the biggest names, Surfshark is offering a two-year plan with two extra month free at just $2.30 per month with 82% off, while Private Internet Access offers a discounted price together with an extra three months free at a tiny monthly cost of $2.03.

PureVPN can go even cheaper if you're happy to commit to five years, reaching an 88% discount. Plus, using the code 'tech15' will give an extra 15% off, lowering the price to $1.13 a month

And what of our #1 recommended provider, ExpressVPN? Even though the price can't compete with the others - its monthly cost is $6.67 per month with three months extra free on its annual plan - you do at least get Backblaze secure cloud backup thrown in as well.

VPN deals: what you can do with a VPN

There are loooooads of VPN uses

Born as a way to increase online security and bypass local censorship, today Virtual Private Networks are a popular choice for bypassing geo-restricted content. So if you want to watch a Netflix show from a catalogue different from your location, a VPN changes your IP address while rerouting your connection to one of the servers available. In this way, your device gets tricked into thinking it's in a different location. Make sure to check out our Netflix VPN guide if streaming is what you are interested in.

If you are concerned about your privacy when online, you'll love the fact that a VPN uses encryption technology. This basically means that your browsing and activities will be anonymous. A VPN is definitely the way to go if you don't want to risk your sensitive data to be traced.

Beyond that, they help get around censored websites and apps in countries that ban them, assist in secure online banking and shopping (especially on public Wi-Fi). The software has even been known to get around broadband bandwidth throttling and bag cheaper flights on comparison sites, too. 

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