No, Pringles hasn't leaked the Xbox Series X price

Xbox Series X
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The Xbox Series X is due to release in just two months' time, but we still don't know what the next-gen console will cost us. There have been plenty of Xbox Series X price 'leaks' and estimates in the meantime, though, with the latest coming from an unlikely source – Pringles.

That's right, the chip brand (owned by Kelloggs) has weighed in with its own estimation of the Xbox Series X price. The company is running an Xbox promotion in South Africa that offers customers the chance to win a lucrative Xbox Series X upon release, or an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate code.

In the competition small print, as spotted by a Twitter user, there is an estimated value for the new Xbox: R621,000. Which, as the user points out, is roughly R13,500 locally (or $810/£611). 

While that estimation is well above the predicted Xbox Series X price of $499, as the Twitter user points out, South Africa has a "higher-RRP-pricing" for tech products. So based on this estimation, the US price of the new Xbox would likely be a bit lower. 

But it's not to be trusted

While some may believe that this suggests that Pringles has 'leaked' the Xbox Series X price, it's likely not the case. Much like every other Xbox Series X and PS5 price 'leak' that we've seen from retailers, this pricing is almost certainly just a placeholder. Not to mention the fact that Pringles has called the price an "estimated value", confirming that this isn't confirmed pricing. We doubt it's bluffing.

There have been plenty of similar next-gen pricing 'leaks' as we get closer to the Xbox Series X's release in November, especially considering Microsoft is yet to actually confirm the new Xbox's price – or the existence of the rumored Xbox Series S.

While we're expecting an Xbox Series X price confirmation sometime in September, Microsoft hasn't announced that it's holding any sort of pricing reveal this month. But, regardless of when we do get an official price tag for the Series X, it's worth treating any 'leaks' ahead of the official announcement with a health dose of skepticism.

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