Mysterious Xiaomi Berlin and Dipper smartphones spotted on Geekbench

The Mi Mix 2S (opens in new tab) launch is just around the corner and  two new Xiaomi (opens in new tab) smartphones, codenamed Berlin and Dipper, have been seen on Geekbench. The listing shows Berlin running a Snapdragon 632 chipset, clocking at around 1.2GHz along with 3GB RAM. This particular processor hasn’t officially been announced by Qualcomm yet, adding to the mystery around Berlin. 

Xiaomi Berlin on Geekbench

Xiaomi Berlin on Geekbench

There isn’t a plethora of information but the screenshot does show the Berlin with Android 7.1.2 Nougat (opens in new tab). The device scores 1155 for single-core performance and 2738 for multi-core tests. 

This phone definitely isn’t the Mi Mix 2S (opens in new tab) since Xiaomi has already officially proclaimed that it will be running on the Snapdragon 845 SoC. Leaked images (opens in new tab) have also shown that the device won’t have an iPhone X-like notch contradicting the earlier leak of of the Mi Mix 2S having a notch on the top-right corner. 

The images also show a vertically aligned (opens in new tab) dual camera at the back and a glass back. The phone may possibly support wireless charging and is expected to launch on March 27. 

Xiaomi Dipper on Geekbench

Xiaomi Dipper on Geekbench

The Geekbench listing of the Xiaomi dipper shows the score of 2499 in single core testing and 8309 for multi-core performance. It shows the device as having an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 (opens in new tab) chipset and 6GB RAM (opens in new tab) running on Android Oreo. The score, though impressive are below the scores achieved by other flagships such as the iPhone X (opens in new tab), iPhone 8 (opens in new tab), Galaxy S9 (opens in new tab) and Sony Xperia XZ2 (opens in new tab).

Keeping the premium specifications in mind, this leak probably hints at the next Xiaomi flagship listing. The company has used constellations as code-names for its premium handsets in the past as well such as Capricorn, Gemini and Natrium. Thus, it's possible that the Dipper may be the Xiaomi Mi 7 (opens in new tab)

Specifications leaked (opens in new tab) about the Mi 7 prior to this hint at the device having up to 8GB RAM, 128GB storage, dual 16MP rear cameras, a 5.65-inch display at a 1080x2160 resolution and a 4480mAh battery.

On March 14, another Xiaomi handset is set to enter the Indian smartphone market. The company proclaims that this will be a ‘Compact Powerhouse Smartphone’, leading speculations of it being the Redmi 5 (opens in new tab). The device has already been launched in China and is yet to enter India. 

The Redmi 5 launched in China has a thin-bezel display and metal unibody running on a Snapdragon 450 chipset. It sports a 5.7-inch HD+ display with a screen resolution of 1440x720. 

So basically, it’s better than HD (720p) but not quite FHD (1080p). There’s a 12MP camera on the back and 5MP camera up front, that integrates Beautify 3.0 for ‘enhanced’ portrait shots.

It comes with Nougat, which is a little disappointing since Oreo is already in the market and Android P (opens in new tab) is poised for launch anytime now. It has a conventional 3300mAh battery and a fingerprint scanner on the back.

All of these developments are in line with Xiaomi wanting to expand (opens in new tab) its market presence in India and increase its brand value. 

Prabhjote Gill is the Senior Journalist at Business Insider India. She covering everything space, tech and defence at Business Insider India. She is also in-charge of allocating stories to junior writers.