A new Motorola Razr color may debut soon

The Motorola Razr in black (Image credit: Future)

The foldable Motorola Razr is in the process of hitting stores and doorsteps in the US, at least for those in the first wave of pre-orders, but they’ll be getting a black phone, whereas those who wait might be able to get the Razr in gold.

At least, that’s the implication from leaked images of the phone in gold, shared by Evan Blass (a reliable leaker).

The leak doesn’t include any additional details, so we’re not sure when this version of the Motorola Razr will land or which countries it will be available in, but it’s certainly more eye-catching than the black shade.

(Image credit: Evan Blass)

As you can see, it’s actually a mix of black and gold, with the two colors providing a striking contrast. It won’t appeal to everyone, but a folding phone is inherently showy, so if you want to take that to the max, this is the shade to go for – if and when it’s made available.

Given that no other details have been shared we have to assume for now that the specs and pricing of this model are the same, though it’s always possible that it could have, say, more storage or a higher price.

We’ll let you know as soon as we hear any more about this gold shade, but for now, if it appeals, you might want to hold off on ordering the Razr in black.

Via The Verge

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