Mint Mobile's new unlimited data plan starts at just $30 a month - great value

Mint mobile unlimited data plan
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Mint Mobile (opens in new tab), a regular on our guide to the best cheap cell phone plans has now launched a new unlimited data plan at the extremely competitive introductory price of just $30 a month (opens in new tab).

While that price is only for an introductory 3-month period (after which you'll have to sign up for a 12-month plan to keep it that low), it's a fantastic option for those looking to pair an unlocked device with a flexible plan.

In case you didn't know much about Mint - it's currently one of the most popular - and fastest-growing - pre-paid providers and it operates a fairly unique 'buy in bulk' pricing scheme. You can buy your plan in 3 month, 6 month, or yearly segments, with the bigger packages averaging out to lower monthly prices overall. Overall, they're really great value plans and they also tend to have good coverage, courtesy of utilizing the T-Mobile network. 

What's the catch? As far as we can see, there are no real deal breakers here, although we did spot in the fine print that you'll only get 4G/5G speeds for your first 35GB of data usage. After that, you'll revert over to a 128kbps maximum cap - which might be a sticking point for people with heavy usage. You'll also be capped to 480p for video streaming and get a maximum of 5G for mobile tethering, which is a little less generous than some of the competition - like Visible for example.

Speaking of Visible, it feels like this new Mint Mobile plan is squarely aimed at taking on the unlimited plan from the Verizon subsidiary. At the introductory price of just $30 a month, Mint Mobile is definitely looking like the better value option right now when compared to Visible's $40 a month plan (opens in new tab). That said, those data speed caps after 35/GB might prove irritating for some users, and there's a lot to be said for Visible's excellent coverage - courtesy of the Verizon network, which might beat out Mint's T-Mobile based service depending on your locale.

Mint Mobile's fantastic new unlimited data plan offer

Mint Mobile new unlimited data plan: $30/month (opens in new tab)

Mint Mobile new unlimited data plan: $30/month (opens in new tab)
The new introductory unlimited data plan offer from Mint Mobile lets you score a whole 3 months for just $30 per month currently. That's one of the very cheapest prepaid unlimited plans available right now, and a great option for those who were initially curious about this popular carrier but were put off by it's (until now) previously restricted data plans. Note - this price is for the introductory offer of 3 months only, after which you'll have to buy your plan in a 12-month installment to stay at this price point.

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