Lorries carrying PS5 stock are being hit by gangs in the UK

Black Friday PS5 deals sales
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If you’re still searching where to buy PS5 before Christmas in the UK, there's some more discouraging news. Gangs are reportedly breaking into lorries mid-transit, snatching consignments of PS5 consoles, TVs, smartphones and other sellable goods before they reach their destination.

Using a Hollywood-esque stunt called “the rollover” – says The Times – the gangs use three cars to box in a moving lorry travelling at speeds of up to 50mph. A thief will then climb out of the sunroof of the trailing vehicle with a “safety” rope attached, and attempt to cut through or crowbar their way inside the back of the lorry. 

The tactic has been successfully deployed at least 27 times, it seems, with thieves looking to get their hands on desirable goods to flog. With lorries likely carrying expensive pre-Christmas deliveries, it’s an opportunistic time for gangs to strike.

PS5 stock continues to be hard to find and demand for the console remains extraordinarily high. Unfortunately Sony’s console will remain in short supply if thieves and PS5 scalpers have their way...

While it might be tempting to splash the cash to finally secure a PS5, the situation can only improve as Sony gets to grips with improving its supply chain and more people get hold of the console. We’d advise holding out, then, particularly as you might risk buying a unit which was stolen. 

Stock horror

The PS5 stock situation continues to cause frustration for consumers, as the console has been in hot demand ever since pre-orders opened in September. Glowing reviews of the system and its launch lineup have only helped increase excitement to get hold of Sony’s console, which has led to some Amazon PS5 orders being seemingly stolen, and PS5 scalpers snapping up over 1,500 units. 

Sony announced that the PS5 is the best-selling console launch for the PlayStation brand, and promised more PS5 stock is on the way. We’re doing our best to help you find retail priced PS5 stock by checking various online outlets daily for any updates. 

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