Grab yourself FIFA 19, a PS4 and a top Sony Xperia XZ1 deal with no upfront cost

sony xperia xz1 with ps4 and fifa19

If you were thinking of taking your football passion to the next level with the latest FIFA 19, then there's a really great way to do that and still grab some tip top freebies.

Virgin Mobile is currently offering a deal that will nab you FIFA 19, a Sony PlayStation 4 AND a 64GB Sony Xperia XZ1 with stunning 19MP camera, all in one bundle that costs you nothing upfront.

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The deal is part of a monthly phone contract that will be charged from £22 per month. That not only gets you all the hardware mentioned but also a phone connection deal. So for the price on this 36 month contract you get 1,000 minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB of 4G data each month. 

Or, if you're a big data fan, you can push that price to £25 per month and get 1,500 minutes, unlimited texts and a much more generous 6GB of data. Or go for a massive 30GB and 5,000 minutes for £35 per month – with plenty of other price options in between.

It's possible to pre-order this deal now, before it sells out, with orders shipping out on 28 September when the FIFA 19 game is released, so you can be one of the first to button bash your way around the stadiums of the virtual world.