Chrome's next update could be a game-changer for PDFs

Google Chrome
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Chrome's next update could effectively turn it into a simple PDF editor, allowing you to complete forms in your browser and then download the edited file, complete with the data you've entered.

As Laptop Mag explains, although the current version of Chrome allows you to enter data in PDF forms print the completed document, saving it will erase all the data you'd entered, leaving with you with a blank form again.

You can get around the problem by selecting Print and using a virtual printer driver to export the file as a PDF again, but it's a hassle we'd rather avoid.

Alternatively, you could use a free PDF editor to complete the form, but this seems like it should be unnecessary if you're working with a document stored in Google Drive, and the browser itself allows you to make edits.

Don't lose your data

The problem has caused some Chrome users a lot of trouble, as described in posts on the Chrome support forums, but now it looks like a solution might be on the way very soon.

Chrome Story has discovered a code change request that suggests the browser will soon have an interface specifically for saving edited PDFs, meaning your legal documents and other important forms are preserved intact.

It might seem like a pretty small change, but for anyone who has ever spent hours entering data into a PDF, only to lose it with a click, it will be more than welcome. 

We'll keep you updated if and when it's implemented, but for the time being you'll need to use a third-party program to complete your forms or make sure you use Chrome's 'Print' dialog to export them.

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