Genshin Impact Switch release delayed by 'weaker hardware'

Genshin Impact
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RPG phenomenon Genshin Impact has reportedly had its Switch version delayed due to developer Mihoyo experiencing issues with the console’s ‘weaker hardware,’ potentially hinting that the game could instead come to the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro.

The delay was reported by Twitter user Genshin Report, a prominent source of news on Genshin Impact. When asked as part of a Q&A session when the Switch version of Genshin Impact will launch, Genshin Report answered: “Likely sometime this year. There have been issues with the weaker hardware.”

Of course, this should all be taken with a grain of salt, as developer Mihoyo has yet to confirm anything regarding the Switch port, aside from the fact that the port is indeed on the way. Genshin Report even added that the Switch port could be “pushed back further,” perhaps into 2022, or even be made into a Nintendo Switch Pro exclusive, potentially bypassing the base console entirely.

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Impact of the Switch Pro

Genshin Impact is currently available on PS4, PC, Android and iOS mobile devices. An enhanced version is also available on PS5. With all this in mind, it might seem a bit strange that Mihoyo would be struggling with the Switch’s hardware, especially when the mobile version of Genshin Impact is significantly paired down compared to its console counterparts.

What’s important to keep in mind there is that the Switch released in 2017, and is operating on aging hardware. As such, the Switch as it stands might not offer the power Mihoyo is after to make Genshin Impact shine on the portable console. Genshin Impact is a big open world game where load times aren’t insignificant, so it would make sense for Mihoyo to wait for updated hardware from Nintendo.

It’s possible, then, that Mihoyo would prefer the Switch version to look and run as well as it possibly can, and a port on the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro might better serve the developer to produce an experience akin to that of the PS4 version of Genshin Impact.

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