PS3 super-slim 12GB now just £160 in the UK following official Sony price cut

PS3 super slim 12GB now just £160 in the UK following official Sony price cut
A PS3 is now less than half the price of a PS4

While the focus for the rest of 2013 and beyond will be squarely on the PS4, Sony has served up a huge incentive for gamers to jump on board with the totally-not-dead PS3, by cutting the price of its base model.

During its Gamescom keynote Sony announced that the PS3 super-slim 12GB console, announced last autumn, would be trimmed to just $199 in the states and €199 in Europe.

Even though that falls around £127 and £170 respectively when converted directly into sterling, Amazon UK seems to have settled on the new price of £160 for the model, which ships with one DualShock 3 pad.

The new price announcement comes as Sony reaffirmed its commitment to its existing model, taking time out at Gamescom to talk up forthcoming titles like GTA V and Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Showing some love

PS4 games like Watch Dogs, Battlefield 4, FIFA 14, Watch Dogs and more will all get PS3 launches and, while developers continued to support the PS2 for many years after the PS3 arrived in 2006.

Considering the PS3 is also a top notch Blu-ray player and media streamer that's likely to be updated with all of the latest apps as they arrive, the price seems even more of a bargain.

Sony also announced on Tuesday its plans to offer an upgrade scheme for gamers who purchase new PS3 games and wish to update them to the PS4 version when the console goes on sale on November 29.

It seems, at this price, snapping up a PS3 super slim is a no lose situation for those currently without the console, who don't wish to jump on the PS4 bandwagon immediately.

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