RIP, PS3: Sony Japan prepares to lay the console to rest

Time to pour one out for Sony's PlayStation 3 – the last-generation console from the Japanese gaming giants is being put out to pasture.

Gaming website Gematsu, with information via Japanese site Games Talk, has discovered Sony's plan to end production of the PS4's predecessor.

The 500GB standard model is the last remaining PS3 in production in Japan, but a listing on the Sony site now stated that "shipments are scheduled to end soon."

A good innings

It may have played second-fiddle to the Xbox 360 during the last console generation, but the PS3 still enjoyed a lengthy shelf life, first going on sale in November 2006. Sony has always stated that it works to ten-year life cycles for its machines, so the news of production coming to halt should come as no surprise.

Though the specific cut-off date has yet to be revealed, a tweet from a gaming shop in Fukuoka would suggest that the lights go off in March.

Those enjoying playing with their PS3 consoles shouldn't panic – the end of production doesn't mean your PlayStation will suddenly cease to work. However, it does start a countdown clock of sorts when it comes to support for the machine – with production lines switching off, Sony will inevitably be winding down updates for the PS3, which may eventually have ramifications for online services and digital downloads. 

As for picking up a new PS3, that'll become increasingly difficult, potentially putting a premium price on second-hand PlayStation 3 consoles.

Gerald Lynch

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