Sony releases official wireless PS3 headset

Sony's new official wireless headphones for the PlayStation 3
Sony's new official wireless headphones for the PlayStation 3

Sony has announced the release of the new official PlayStation 3 headset, over a week before the company is set to announce its plans for the coming year and beyond at E3 2011.

It's a distinctively Sony style design, as you can see from the press shots of the new wireless gaming headset right here.

Hear in-game audio clues

Featuring 7.1 virtual surround sound, the new Sony wireless stereo headset lets you hear all those minor in-game audio clues clearly and, Sony points out, will work with many of the favourite PS3 franchises such as Killzone and Gran Turismo, all of which have been designed for surround sound audio.

No UK release details or pricing has been announced as yet, but the official PS3 Wireless Stereo Headset will be available for $99.99 (MSRP) in the US this September, so we expect it to arrive in the UK around the same time.

PS3 headphones: sony releases official new gaming peripheral

PS3 headphones: Sony releases official new gaming peripheral

"Designed with comfort in mind for hours of gameplay, it's the perfect addition to your PlayStation experience," reads the announcement post on the US PlayStation blog. "Connecting the Wireless Stereo Headset with PS3 is made easy with the included USB Wireless Adapter. Precise volume controls and accessible microphone mute make it so you never have to interrupt gameplay to fumble for buttons.

"You can easily stay informed about battery status, sound controls, etc. with on-screen headset status updates. On top of that, the Wireless Stereo Headset also offers the highest quality voice chat for crystal clear online conversations. The mic is retractable so you can put it away if you just want to listen to music or play a single player game."

Expect (lots) more details on the latest PlayStation tech and Sony peripherals from E3 2011 in Los Angeles next week.

Gamers are hoping that the PlayStation firm doesn't skimp on those features for the new NGP handheld, as rumours have suggested, as the firm needs a strong showing at this year's event.

Via the US PS Blog.

Adam Hartley