Sony at E3 2011: Top ten PS3 games

3D figured heavily in Sony's E3 PS3 demonstrations, with a veritable welter of quality titles on show at this year's event
3D figured heavily in Sony's E3 PS3 demonstrations, with a veritable welter of quality titles on show at this year's event

Sony unveiled the PlayStation Vita at E3 2011, the company's latest handheld gaming console, set for release later this year. Just in time for Christmas, as is the tradition. Yet Sony also released a veritable welter of quality new PS3 game demos.

That's right! Sony's E3 2011 was not all about the thrill of showing off the capabilities of its latest hardware, plenty of PS3 games were also on show to prove that delivering decent-quality exclusive gaming content is still right at the heart of the PlayStation strategy.

A strong, humble showing from Sony

Overall, it was, as PSM3 magazine editor, Dan Dawkins tells TechRadar, "a strong, humble showing from Sony after a gruelling year – the absence of Kevin Butler demonstrating the focus on delivery, not levity. Uncharted 3 was one of the most obvious gaming highlights from the E3 conference, proving incredibly popular on the showfloor throughout the week, but, as Dawkins points out, "most kudos must go for recognising key weaknesses in their ancillary line up; offering an affordable 3D TV solution, plus a decent line up of PS Move games, including BioShock Infinite.

"There were perhaps too many uninspiring live demos (Ruin, Medieval Moves), and the lack of a big, final surprise left a slightly flat note (no MSG5, GTAV or Agent), but the abiding impression was strong. At £280 for the wi-fi/3G PS Vita, with an already impressive line-up of games, Sony's new handheld is hard to fault."

Many more PS3 highlights

There were many other highlights for the PSM3 editor, including, in no particular order: "Tomb Raider for defying cynics with its fresh, high-gloss-yet-scuzzy, survivalist reboot and ESV: Skyrim for offering a potentially 300 hour escape to a finely crafted alternate universe."

Dawkins adds: "SSX will delight old-school fans, while Battlefield 3's tech made Modern Warfare look oddly outmoded. The biggest failure of all E3 presentations was the over reliance on over-produced CGI teaser videos juxtaposed with hip soundtracks – blame Dead Island's success for taking us all back to 2005."

Ben Wilson, editor of Official PlayStation Magazine concurs with Dawkins, agreeing that
"our pick of E3 has to be Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, a game which looks so good every time we see it that it's become supremely difficult to write about without simply resorting to lists of superlatives."

There were indeed a lot of quality PS3 titles to choose from at E3 2011, and here is TechRadar's definitive list of the top ten best PlayStation 3 titles from this year's show.

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

BioShock Infinite



God of War: Origins Collection


PES 2012

ICO and Shadow of the Colossus Classics HD

Dust 415

Resistance 3

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