PlayStation 3D TV UK release date and pricing announced

PS 3D TV - it's coming to the UK
PS 3D TV - it's coming to the UK

Sony's PlayStation 3D TV will go on sale in the UK this Autumn with a £499 price tag.

The 24 inch set will be bundled with two pairs of PlayStation-branded 3D specs, said to be a cheaper version of its current Active Shutter models, and claimed to work with other manufacturers' sets.

It has been confirmed that US buyers will also get a 3D game thrown in, but it's still not known whether that will apply in the UK.

SimulView tech

The set, first announced by Sony at E3, is 'designed to give the ultimate gaming experience'. It achieves this thanks to the brand's proprietary SimulView tech, which uses the active shutter glasses to enable two players to see different images (2D, not 3D) on the same screen.

Other tech specs of the PS 3DTV include a built-in subwoofer to beef up the performance of its stereo speakers, a 35mm-deep bezel, gaming-friendly 4ms response time and edge-LED lighting.

Compatability with frame-sequential 3D, as well as side-by-side and top-and-bottom modes, means the PS 3DTV can also be used to watch Full HD 3D Blu-rays.

With it's PlayStation-esque styling theTV should appeal to gamers, but our first thought is that the £499 price tag is a little high - you can pick up 40-in 3D sets (albeit without the SimulView mode) for only £100 more if you shop around.

Via Eurogamer