Disney Plus gift subscriptions are now available in the UK

Disney Plus Gift Card

Disney Plus UK now offers digital gift subscriptions, just in time for the holidays. For £59.99, you can click here, pick the recipient of your choice, select the date they get it and send. There is a quirk, here, though – your recipient can only use it with a new account, and not to top up an existing subscription. 

Strangely, the terms and conditions state that it's 'not a gift card', even though Disney's press release on the subject uses a picture of a card with the Disney Plus logo on it, and mentions the word 'gift' multiple times. It's probably just to ensure you know you're buying a digital item, rather than a physical card.

Still, this should make an ideal last-minute holiday gift for someone who somehow hasn't seen The Mandalorian yet, or could really do with curing the lockdown blues with 30 seasons of The Simpsons. 

Disney Plus one-year gift subscription| £59.99 at Disney Plus

Disney Plus one-year gift subscription| £59.99 at Disney Plus
What better way to show your appreciation for a friend or family member than to gift a whole year of one of the best streaming services? This is your exclusive hub for all Disney, Star Wars, and Pixar content, with 4K-ready content to stream.

Disney Plus still hasn't knocked it out of the park when it comes to exclusive TV shows and movies yet, but there's plenty for new subscribers to check out on there. The Mandalorian aside, the musical Hamilton is a real highlight, and the Pixar movie Soul is the big original landing on Christmas Day. 

Much of the content on Disney Plus is streaming in 4K, too, including the Star Wars and Marvel movies – for the amount of 4K content you get for the price, Disney's streaming service compares well to its competitors.

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Want Disney Plus for yourself? Check out the different price tiers on the service below. 

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