Best cheap Samsung Galaxy S8 deals in the US for February 2018


Samsung Galaxy S8 deals offer a great way to save on what is still one of the best Android smartphones on the market, even after almost a year of availability. 

Because it's been out for most of the past year, there's no excuse to pay the old base price of $750 for this phone. Instead, keep an eye out here for the best Samsung deals, as carriers like Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile have been discounting the Android phone, and online retailers like Amazon, Newegg and Samsung's website often have deals on the unlocked version of the phone. 

$616 is a great price for an unlocked Galaxy S8 International version
If you want to snag our favorite version of the Galaxy S8, the international model running on Samsung's own Exynos 8895 Octa-core chipset, look no further than Newegg. This deal hacks the price down, and the phone comes unlocked for use with your preferred carrier.View Deal

Some of the best deals on Samsung's flagship Galaxy phone come from AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and even Verizon through Buy One Get One Free deals or lease discounts.

There are also offers on new smartphone plan sign-ups, like paying for your Early Termination Fees or offering trade-in deals for your old smartphone.

How do you get the best Galaxy S8 price? We'll fill you in on the tips to paying the lowest amount for this still-stellar curvy smartphone.

The best Samsung Galaxy S8 deals

Without a deal, the Galaxy S8 launch price has been locked at $750 for the 64GB base model, but don't overpay now that the phone is close to a year old – especially since the Samsung Galaxy S9 is nearing release.

$599 is a dazzling deal for a factory unlocked Galaxy S8, but this low price does come with a few caveats. This deal doesn't offer the standard warranty, limiting customers to just a 30-day warranty. The product description doesn't clearly distinguish between US and international versions, but the model name SM-G950U indicates the US version running on a Snapdragon 835 chipset. 

Samsung has a cheap Galaxy S8 for $424.99 with a phone trade-in if you happen to have a working Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. That's a really good deal if you want to upgrade from from an old favorite to a new favorite. Without a trade in, an unlocked model sells for $724.99, beating carrier prices, but still not the best deal you can snag right now.

AT&T has a buy-one-get-one Galaxy S8 deal if both devices are bought on AT&T Next with qualifying service. If you don't have someone to share the wealth with, AT&T also offers a free Gear S2 smartwatch or a Gear S3 for $49 with a qualifying plan.

T-Mobile also has a BOGO Samsung Galaxy S8 deal for customers coming to T-Mobile with a eligible trade-in phone and a phone number to port in to a new line of service. You can see the details here.

Sprint is effectively offering $281 in savings on the Galaxy S8 through a reduced lease price. Shoppers can get a Galaxy S8 on lease for $15.62 per month after a 50% discount. After 12 months, Sprint offers the option to upgrade to a new phone, and after 18 months customers can return the leased phone or pay the balance of the phone's price and what they've paid so far with the lease.

More cheap Samsung Galaxy S8 deals

Amazon will throw in a nice freebie with a new Galaxy S8 purchase. The phone itself is still $724, but it's the unlocked model and Amazon is offering a free pair of Samsung's IconX wireless earbuds, which are valued at $199 on their own. For any shopper that wants both, this is a solid deal.

To see if there are other deals from carriers we haven't mentioned above, see the list below.