Anthem's next big update promises new Stronghold and bug squashing

Image credit: BioWare

Anthem hasn't had an easy ride since its launch in February. BioWare's online multiplayer has been plagued by bugs and crashes, while also being criticized for its poor end game and predictable narrative. Is there any saving Anthem? Well, BioWare certainly hopes so.

The developer has announced the next big Anthem update will roll out today for all platforms, adding a new Stronghold and squashing some pesky bugs. 

Check out the announcement tweet from BioWare's global community lead Andrew Johnson below:

How to download the update

Image credit: BioWare

Image credit: BioWare

So how do you access the update? According to Johnson, Anthem players will be able to download the latest patch after a five-hour server maintenance period (during which servers will be down), which means the update should be available to download from 10am PDT / 1pm EDT / 6pm BST on April 23 (or 3am AEDT on April 24).

However, Johnson recommends keeping an eye on the EA Help Twitter feed for updates... just in case.

This is the latest in a series of big updates BioWare has rolled out for Anthem, the last being a patch that introduced Legendary Missions and new cosmetics.

But we found that despite these updates, even a month after release, Anthem is still a hard game to like and simply isn't good enough (you can read our Anthem review for the full low-down). We can only hope this new update will go some way in changing that...

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